Plan & Optimise Logistics, Deliveries & Collections for Electric Vehicles

Logistics planning & route optimisation for electric vans, trucks & delivery vehicles

Electric delivery vehicles, whether they are vans or trucks are going to play an increasingly important role in the UK over the next few years. Environmental, economic, technological and legislative drivers are all having an impact on logistics and delivery companies – as well as manufacturers – when it comes to ‘green’ electric vans and trucks.

More and more businesses are investing in new electric vehicles and developing their green fleets – or upgrading their existing fleets. DHL and Royal Mail to name but two.

Then we have game changers such as the Tesla ‘semi’ truck which was announced in November 2017.

Research conducted by McKinsey Energy Insights suggests that ‘that eTrucks could account for 15% of global truck sales by 2030, with favourable segments like urban light duty trucks reaching sales as high as 25-35% in China and Europe‘.

Investment in electric vehicles and green fleets can result in substantial savings for logistics and delivery businesses, including government incentives such as tax benefits, discounts on congestion charges, and plug-in grants, as well as lower day-to-day running and maintenance costs, and reduced overall life cycle costs.

When it comes to planning and optimising delivery and collection routes, however, electric vehicles do pose their own unique issues.

Our electric vehicle route optimisation module is an extension of Stream Go’s intelligent logistics planning and route optimisation feature. Using the module, transport planners can easily take into account the range limits of electric vehicles when optimising routes – ensuring their vehicles can complete scheduled deliveries and collections without running out of charge on the road.

Take advantage of the financial, environmental and social responsibility benefits of electric vehicles in your fleet with Stream:

Keeping electric vehicles operating efficiently

Avoid planning routes that are too long for your electric vehicles to complete in one charge. That means that your electric vans, trucks and delivery vehicles won’t run out of charge on the road and / or can return to your depot for recharging.

Making it easy to add electric vehicles to your fleet

With Stream, you can quickly and easily add electric vehicles to your fleet. Specify the vehicle type and assign the range to each type in Stream’s vehicle management module. Vehicle range will then be automatically taken into account when planning and optimising routes and resources across your entire fleet.