Without knowing how much it costs you to make a delivery or collection, you can’t begin to run your logistics operation efficiently – and profitably.

For every order, run and job in Stream, you can record costs & charges against them – enabling you to keep track of all your internal logistics costs and any service charges.

You can then analyse them, report against them and most importantly, drive improvement.

Costs and charges can be calculated  based on:

  • Number of drops / collections
  • Mileage
  • Geographical zones
  • Order weight and / or cube
  • Vehicle type
  • Service level
  • Waiting time
  • Vehicle and driver costs.

Additional charges can even be added on later. 

You can also record the costs for each run, split them and apportion them against each individual planned order.

Stream Analytics can be used as a basis for flexible reporting and KPI’s

Formatted charge reports can be created and exported

Billing information can be integrated into your financial systems for invoice generation.

What are costs in Stream?

Commonly, costs are based per-run and assigned when the run is created. 

This can then be calculated per-order based on the number of orders per run, or even on the weight or size of each order on the run. 

Additional costs can be added to the run, even after it is completed (driver expenses or toll charges for example).

What are charges in Stream?

Charges are the amount you would charge from a customer for your delivery/collection service or potentially goods.. 

This is normally calculated using Stream’s pricing engine with manual adjustments as needed.