Scan barcodes in the Stream Go mobile driver App

In the Stream Go mobile driver app, you are able to scan barcodes on goods as part of your electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) and collection process.

This improves accuracy: it’s easy to misread a written label and deliver the wrong goods, but a barcode is very much black and white (excuse the pun).

Not only can the driver prove that the item was delivered to the right person (with a signature), where and when the item was delivered (with GPS and timestamps) and the condition the item was delivered in (with a photo), but they can also demonstrate that the correct item was delivered (with a barcode).

Barcode Scanning

Introduce barcode scanning to your logistics operation for accurate traceability through the order to delivery process. In regulated sectors, like pharmaceuticals or alcohol, barcode scanning can prove compliance with mandatory traceability requirements. In lower-risk environments, barcode scanning can reduce the risk of errors, to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. Scan barcodes in the Stream Go mobile driver app using the camera on a consumer smartphone, or the inbuilt laser scanner on a specialised rugged device. Full transcript of the barcode scanning video on the blog.

Options for using barcode scanning

  • First, goods can be scanned out of the warehouse and onto the delivery vehicle, so drivers always have every item they need to make a full delivery, and there won’t be any awkward forgotten items part-way through the day
  • When the driver arrives at the delivery destination, they can scan the barcode on the correct goods and deliver them to the customer. The App will notify the driver if they have selected the wrong goods for that delivery drop, reducing the risk of delivering the wrong items
  • The barcode can be captured as part of the proof of delivery, so you have further confirmation that the correct goods have been delivered, in case of issues later down the line
  • For operators with multiple depots, barcode scanning can also be used in the trunking process. Goods to be trunked from one depot to another are scanned onto the vehicle, and then scanned off the vehicle at the other end, so you always know the location of goods within the delivery system.

Do you need to invest in specialist mobile devices in order to use barcode scanning as part of your delivery process?

The short answer is no: you can use the camera on any smartphone or mobile device to scan barcodes.

The Stream App works on any modern smartphone running Android or iOS – just as photos and sign-on-glass works on a regular consumer smartphone, barcodes can be scanned using the camera function.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever tried to capture a barcode, QR code or text using your phone’s camera, you’ll know that its easier said than done.

While a driver making just a few deliveries each day would probably get by just fine scanning barcodes using the camera on a consumer-grade smartphone, for high volume operations a device with an in-built barcode scanner can be a valuable time saver. Consumer-grade devices can also struggle to scan barcodes in low light conditions (i.e. in the back of a van or lorry), in challenging working conditions (i.e. temperature controlled / chilled) and if the barcode label itself is slightly damaged.

We can supply enterprise-level devices with in-built barcode scanners from Zebra Technologies (like the TC25, TC56 or TC77) will speed up the process of scanning barcodes and cope with the conditions described above in the Stream Go App.

Track and trace

What if you could use a single barcode to track goods throughout the delivery process, match goods with delivery locations and connect them all the way back to the manufacturer?

Track and trace functionality brings complete transparency, security, traceability and efficiency to your delivery operation.

Using real-time data, integrated customer interfaces and accessibility, Stream is able to keep operations moving smoothly.

Track and trace every item, order, collection & delivery throughout your supply chain by scanning barcodes at every touchpoint, so you (and your customers) can see at a glance the What, Where, Why, When and Who in your operation, for example:

  • What is this product?
  • Where did this pallet come from and where is it going?
  • What products are on this pallet?
  • What products have been loaded onto this vehicle?
  • When did this tote leave our warehouse?
  • Who loaded this pallet onto this van?
  • Why is this box here?

Track and trace technology also makes theft near-impossible, with high-security, transparent, customer-driven ordering systems.

Empower customers with the data they need so they stay loyal customers. Traceability and security go hand-in-hand. By accurately tracing each order through the supply chain and tracking it down to the last place and person they were handled, you can always know exactly where your goods are.