Why can’t I optimise my run?

Posted by Rob Spivey on July 21, 2022

You may have found yourself wondering ‘Why can’t I optimise my run?’ in Stream.

You can see the optimise button there, but it looks greyed out. What does that mean?


Reason: Your run status is set as ‘Closed’

The reason you can’t optimise your run in Stream is because the run status is set to ‘Closed’.

You can only optimise the run if the run status is ‘Open’. This is to prevent the route from being changed once that run has been confirmed and made available for the driver.

But fear not, if it’s not too late for you to make changes to the run, it’s a very simple fix.

Step 1: Set the run to ‘Open’

On the Advanced Planning screen, search, find and select the ‘closed’ run that you need to optimise the route for.

Then on the selected run, click ‘Open’.


Step 2: Optimise the route

Now that you have set the run to ‘Open’, the optimise button will not be greyed out and you can go ahead and click ‘Optimise’


Step 3: Close the run

Once you’ve optimised your route, don’t forget to close the run again, otherwise it won’t be accessible by the driver in the Stream mobile app

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