With Stream, DCC Logistics Has Been Able to Streamline Their Logistics Management Process

Together, DCC Logistics and Stream have:

  • Implemented Stream’s logistics management features to streamline DCC’s systems and increase productivity
  • Added features to Stream, which specifically help car transport companies to manage their deliveries
  • Saved time and resources in DCC’s logistics process, whilst improving customer service rates


DCC Logistics are a car transport company, collecting and delivering vehicles across the UK from their base in South Yorkshire. In 2016 DCC were in search of a system that could help them to manage the collection and delivery of the vehicles and help them to make operational improvements.

Stream Go’s logistics and transport management system was a great fit for helping DCC with route optimisation, driver tracking, and electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) and collection.

The nature of car transportation, however, meant that Stream needed some modification before it could be called a perfect fit for the car transport sector.

The challenge

Like most car transport businesses, for DCC collections and deliveries are part of the same order – a different business model from traditional retailers who deliver goods to various locations from one central ‘hub’ (or multiple regional hubs).

Planning is based on a single collection and then an immediate single delivery before making the next collection. There is no need for drivers to return to a depot or hub each day as goods (in this case, vehicles) are collected from one location and delivered to another.

For DCC, the ‘order’, is the service of collection and delivery and not the goods being delivered.

The other key way that vehicle transportation logistics differs from traditional retail delivery is the level of checking and recording required to provide the detail and accuracy needed in car transportation electronic proof of delivery and collection.

The value of goods being collected and delivered, and the importance of new cars being pristine, means that more accountability is expected. A highly detailed inspection of every vehicle is required at collection and delivery, complete with photographs, signatures and accurate time and GPS stamps.

Though Stteam Go provides all this as part of the electronic proof of delivery and collection solution, Some changes to the system were required to make it a fit for car transportation, including a more detailed list of exactly how each vehicle should be checked; the ability to check for damage both on collection and on delivery; and checks to ensure that the vehicles have the correct documentation and keys.

The solution

Stream worked with DCC logistics to implement the system in a way that helps transport managers and logistics professionals in the car transportation sector, to manage collections and deliveries more efficiently.

For DCC Logistics, Stream Go has solved a number of challenges, specific to the car transport industry:

  • Single collection and delivery. For DCC, transport management doesn’t mean optimising routes to make a number of deliveries on a single run. DCC make a collection, then deliver that collection to a new location, before making a new collection. This means that planning is based on multiple runs on a single trip, instead of a hub-based approach where vehicles would be loaded at a single location and send on one round trip to deliver goods.
  • No return to depot. Drivers for DCC logistics do not return to a depot, which means that they need to be able to plan and undertake week-long trips, with multiple runs. Many features of Stream Go are already set up to make this easier:
  • Communication via the driver app means that drivers can view their upcoming runs at a glance, with no need to make calls to back office staff or customers
  • Collecting proof of delivery electronically reduces the likelihood of lost or damaged paper ePODs, and means that there is no delay between the driver collecting the ePOD and back-office staff or customers being able to view ePOD information. This is important in any offering that includes a delivery element, but especially so when drivers may not return to the office for a week or more after collecting ePODs
  • The other issue with not returning to the depot regularly is in the recording and reporting of driver daily walkaround checks. As ePODs were collected and reported in real-time via the cloud, it made sense that daily walkaround checks could be too, eliminating even more paperwork, and giving drivers more accountability in the management of their vehicles when they’re out on the road for long periods of time
  • More thorough checking and recording of goods on collection and delivery. The other key way that a logistics solution for car transportation needs to differ from a solution for making retail deliveries, is in the level of detail and proof required for ePODs.

Drivers need to check every detail of every vehicle, both as they collect them and as they deliver them. They need to check and record existing and new damage, documentation and keys associated with the vehicle, and include sign-off from the customer both on collection and on delivery (remember, DCC provide the service of collection and delivery, not the goods being collected and delivered). By accurately recording of the state of delivered vehicles, drivers transfer the liability for the condition of the vehcle on sign-off of the POD.

Our developers worked with DCC Logistics to make adjustments and updates to the software. Stream Go is now perfectly suited for managing logistics in the car transport sector, with features like:

Multi-drop trips

Route planners are now able to plan driver runs based on jobs that last multiple days, and don’t require a return to depot.

Driver daily walkaround checks

The driver daily walkaround checks app was devloped with DCC in mind, to allow their drivers to complete daily walkaround checks and maintain compliance whilst out on the road.

Robust, accurate & professional ePOC and ePOD capture

Drivers are now able to record all details of every vehicle at collection and delivery, maintaining clear liability for vehicle damage with photographs, signatures, notes, and an accurate record of time, date and GPS-location.

“Not only has Stream Go enabled DCC to be operational more efficient, we have been able to significantly improve our customer service”

Dave Campling, Director of DCC Logistics