TMS systems: an essential part of your operation

Transport Management Systems (TMS) have become the ‘must have’ component of the supply chain management software stack according to the Logistics Management’s TMS Market Update which revealed rapid growth in the adoption of TMS across the logistics, transportation and supply chain sector.

Alongside Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems & Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), TMS software has become a core part of supply chain management in today’s fast-paced logistics environment.

The Market Update cites a shortage of drivers, restricted vehicle capacities, and increased demands from eCommerce & omnichannel customers as contributing factors for the increase in TMS adoption.

The market is not only being driven by companies investing in TMS for the first time, who “need to move beyond clipboards, spreadsheets, and phone calls to manage their increasingly sophisticated transportation networks”, but also by those who have already invested and are now ready to move away from outdated on-premise solutions towards a flexible, cloud-based TMS.

The market update outlines the growth of the TMS market and points to the rapidly changing transportation environment as a key factor in that.

TMS & the supply chain

TMS systems as a core part of the supply chain

The Market Update points to TMS as being placed between other key parts of the supply chain management software stack: ERP & WMS software.

TMS software “provides visibility into the shipping process”, and can be used to keep up with customers’ delivery demands. This makes it a core part of today’s fast-paced supply chain and logistics environment.

TMS systems for smaller carriers

One trend reported in the Market Update is a move away from traditional, on-premise TMS software built for large enterprise organisations, and towards ‘niche players’. Cloud-based solutions built for specific sectors are moving into the market, bringing advanced TMS software (and the capabilities and benefits that come with that) to smaller businesses.

TMS systems for the final mile

For many shippers, the part of the supply chain where a TMS can make the biggest difference is in the final mile of delivery. The dynamic nature of the final mile makes it essential for businesses to keep up. Using the right TMS during the final mile can cut costs while giving you access to up-to-the-minute data about your supply chain – ultimately improving customer service.

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