Android is the operating system designed and maintained by Google and used primarily on a range of touchscreen devices. In May 2017, Google announced that they had reached 2 billion monthly active users on Android worldwide. In fact, as of the start of 2017, 81.7% of the 432 million smartphones sold in the last quarter ran on Android.

This post will guide you through ten reasons why the Android operating system is especially useful for commercial drivers and delivery drivers.

Zebra offers a wide range of enterprise-level Android devices. Android is available on Zebra’s TC56 and TC55devices, as well as on the TC70, TC75, MC40, MC67 and ET50 devices.

By combining Android’s secure and user-friendly operating system with Zebra’s industrial-strength tough and rugged devices, and added enterprise functionality, like built-in security from Zebra Mx, you are able to provide drivers with versatile devices that fit the needs of your business.

So, why are Android devices such a great fit for drivers?

10 reasons why android on zebra is great for commercial drivers:

Ruggedised devices

Android is the operating system powering many specialised rugged devices. If you need your devices to survive the day-to-day environment of a commercial driver – and the drops, tumbles and spills that come with that – choosing an operating system that is compatible with toughened devices could be a sensible move.

Data capture

Android devices have the capability to capture the barcode data required as part of most deliveries. Zebra devices are perfectly optimised to make barcode capture faster and more accurate, with inbuilt scanning hardware, and Zebra-specific tools like SimulScan, which allows capture of damaged and distorted barcodes, as well as images and form capture, making it easier than ever to capture accurate ePODs (electronic proof of delivery).

Battery power

With drivers using their device continuously throughout the day, and even over the course of a multi-day trip, battery power is an important consideration when choosing an operating system and device. Zebra devices offer high-capacity, replaceable batteries, and in-cab chargers. Combine this with Android’s power management capabilities which enable longer battery life with fewer charges, and you’ve got a device you can rely on.

Training and ease of use

Android operating systems will undoubtedly be familiar to most of your workforce. Drivers will be able to locate and use the functionality they need quickly and easily, with little-to-no specialist training required meaning that, when introducing new devices, you’ll experience very little downtime and few usability issues.


It is easy to protect your data and ensure devices are secure, by supplementing Android’s consumer operating system with Zebra Mx features. Zebra Mx offers options to transform any Android device into an enterprise-class system, with improved security and device management options.

Quality connectivity

With drivers out on the road across the country, connectivity is essential. On Zebra, Android devices have robust WWAN/WLAN connections and seamless roaming, minimising the likelihood of your drivers being offline, and ensuring that driver data is always available in real-time.

Simple to manage and control

Android is the most widely used operating system on mobile devices, making integration with existing systems simple and eliminating compatibility issues. Added to Zebra’s central and remote management of devices, you can have maximum control and flexibility over your fleet’s mobile devices on Android.

Reliable support and repairs

With the multitudinous resources available to support Android users, and the no-questions-asked device and infrastructure repair service provided with Zebra devices, you can be safe in the knowledge that, no matter how small or large the issue, drivers will never be off the road for long in the event of device failure.

Lifecycle management

Regular, consumer-grade devices are likely to require regular replacement, due either to device failure or to rapid upgrades in technology. This can lead to a fleet of mixed devices, each with different support requirement and accessories. Zebra for Android provides devices built to last a minimum of 18 months, removing those compatibility issues and future-proofing your devices.

Total cost of ownership

Adding the repair and replacement costs associated with a standard non-ruggedised device to the training and support required for a device running an operating system that your drivers are unfamiliar with, the total lifetime cost of providing your fleet with mobile devices can add up. The toughness and comprehensive repair-and-replace policy of Zebra, with a user-friendly operating system like Android, makes a great combination for your drivers.

Not to mention the availability on Android of STREAM’s Mobile Driver App, the driver’s component of our powerful transport and logistics management software, and Driver Daily Walkaround Check App, the paperless way to ensure HGVs, LGVs and PSVs are roadworthy and compliant.

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