For HGV fleet operators and drivers, daily vehicle inspections are necessary. What if you had a walkaround check template to help manage the process?

Walkaround checks and other vehicle maintenance tasks don’t have to be a restriction on drivers and an administrative burden on back office staff.

HGV safety is a very real concern, with very real consequences.

You could be fined up to £5,000 for non-compliance. If you’re stopped at the roadside, you could be taken to court for any serious offences found. Deaths have even been caused by failure to properly check and maintain vehicles.

We’ve made a free HGV driver daily walkaround check example sheet that you can use to start the vehicle check and defect management process for your HGVs.

Download your example HGV driver walkaround check sheet


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Paperless Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting

Rather than using pen and paper, why not explore Stream Check, a mobile App & software system that keeps your heavy goods vehicles compliant, operational & roadworthy?

Unlike a daily paper-based walkaround check, Stream Check:

  • Comes with an Android or iOS app for drivers – eliminating the need for training, and cutting the risk of paper check sheets getting lost or damaged
  • Keeps vehicles compliant with safety and maintenance standards, but also goes beyond that to holistically manage drivers, vehicles and other assets
  • Automates the whole defect management process:
    • Record daily checks with secure-cloud-based storage
    • Report issues in real-time so they can quickly and easily be solved
    • Resolve every defect, as Stream tracks each one through to resolution
  • Joins the dots between daily checks and regular inspections by creating, assigning and automatically populating booking schedules based on vehicle type
  • Is scalable – and costs from just £4 per vehicle per month