Full visibility of your entire fleet. Deliver a seamless service to your customers

On road and off road. Teletrac Navman handles them all, offering a vehicle tracking system which plays an integral part in delivering improved driver behaviour, increased productivity and simplified fleet safety and compliance management.

Integrated with Stream Go, Teletrac Navman enables you to gain additional insight into vehicle locations, planned vs. actual route analysis and detailed reporting on driver behaviour.

Increase fleet productivity with advanced GPS vehicle tracking

In order to provide advanced vehicle tracking, Teletrac Navman’s in-vehicle GPS telematics unit provides additional data over-and-above the information coming from Stream Go’s mobile app for drivers.

Irrespective of the sector you operate in, Teletrac Navman’s vehicle tracking solution integrated with Stream enables fleet managers to see the location, status and performance of their vehicles, helping them to monitor and optimise route planning – and ultimately improve customer service. GPS vehicle tracking delivers:

  • Greater visibility over your fleet
  • More efficient delivery and collection route optimisation
  • Compare and analyse planned routes with those actually driven
  • Keep customers informed and happy.

Vehicle tracking improves driver behaviour

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR enables you to monitor and identify poor driving so that you can address and change driver behaviour. With reports and driver scorecards which display key metrics such as speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, you get a clear picture on how your vehicles are being driven (and by which drivers), giving you the data to improve driver performance, which helps reduce fuel costs and accidents.

  • Monitor and promote safer driving throughout your organisation
  • Use qualitative data to deliver effective driver training
  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents and make fuel savings.

Making fleet compliance simpler

Ensuring compliant fleets can be complicated, with fleet and transport managers having to keep up-to-date with the amount of regulation and legislation their organisation must adhere.

Teletrac Navman can help the process, providing accurate and up-to-date data on drivers and vehicles into the applications for easy reporting and analysis.

  • Streamline compliance requirements
  • Align business and compliance processes with policy
  • Simplify complex compliance regulations.