Effectively & efficiently manage all your heavy equipment with Teletrac Navman & Stream

Teletrac Navman provides a proven and flexible equipment management system across a diverse range of industries through their innovative Qtanium Connect asset management platform. Monitor and track engine hours of powered and non-powered equipment and assets, manage the maintenance (and compliance) of that equipment more effectively and maximise utilisation across your fleet.

Asphalt, aggregates, paving & hot mix

Teletrac Navman integrated with Stream Go supports asphalt, aggregates, paving, construction bulk materials and concrete contractors to transport materials quickly and efficiently to site – and maximise utilisation throughout the operation. Ensure product is delivered on time to multiple customers and multiple sites with accurate GPS location tracking, route and load optimisation, geofencing and data analytics.

Telematics data enables operators to gain valuable insight into planned versus actual delivery / collection runs, engine hours, idling / hoarding time, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, sensor alerts and prevent unauthorised use or theft amongst many more.

Heavy construction

Everything from cycle time reporting through to payload data and performance dashboard to machine health alerts, Teletrac Navman ensures your heavy plant machinery is being utilised effectively and efficiently. Measure actual payload weight per haul by truckload, hour actual vs. planned and production trends; monitor ambient tyre pressures and the heat of TPMS equipped assets; and fully understand haul cycles including elements such as load time and loaded travel cycle time; to ensure your operation is running at maximum production while reducing unnecessary costs.

Plant & equipment hire

Monitor the performance of your leased equipment – and keep your maintenance costs to a minimum. Teletrac Navman enables you not only to understand exactly where your assets and plant equipment is at any given time, it also enables you to understand how they’re been used 24/7. You may, for example, be hiring out a fixed asset such as a generator that can be used for a 10-hour daily shift as part of the hire agreement. If that generator is being used for longer than the agreed time, then that asset will require maintenance sooner than scheduled, it will incur extra wear and tear and potentially be out of action when hired by another customer. Proactive alerts from Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, coupled with daily checks and scheduled inspections / maintenance schedules through Stream Check makes sure all your assets are maintained properly. DIRECTOR enables hire companies to view analytical fleet data so you can understand when, how and what your equipment has been used.

GPS asset tracking and monitoring

Know instantly where all your assets are in one system,  as well as monitor engine hours, productive working time, fuel usage and maintenance milestones.

  • Track all makes and models of all types of assets and mixed fleet vehicles, light vehicles to heavy trucks, small machines to heavy equipment through Teletrac Navman
  • Know the location of all owned, hired or sub-contractor assets
  • Maximise the use of each fleet asset – from heavy equipment to small machinery
  • Protect your assets with time or location based geofences.
  • Reliable, real-time use and location tracking via GPS satellite communication
  • Integrate data from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installed telematics systems.

Effective equipment maintenance

Understand the equipment maintenance needs across your entire business in real-time through a combination of Teletrac Navman and Stream Check.

  • Real-time engine diagnostics, including engine hours, idle time and fuel use
  • Create effective preventative maintenance schedules
  • Improve tracking of maintenance milestones with real-time data
  • Maximise equipment up-time across your construction sites.

Utilise equipment & plant machinery efficiently

Use Teletrac Navman to fully understand equipment and asset utilisation –  and reduce unnecessary costs.

  • Monitor engine hours, equipment idle time and fuel use
  • Measure equipment usage, track availability and reduce equipment hoarding
  • Identify underutilised assets
  • Track equipment operations with an electronic record of activity, hours and location
  • Calculate overall equipment effectiveness.