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Mobile App showing walkaround checks and defect reporting for fleet maintenance

What to expect on your Stream Check demo:

Here’s everything that you’ll learn in just 45 minutes on your Stream Check demo:

  • Introduction to Stream Check and logging in
  • Adding new vehicles and viewing vehicle details
  • Vehicle check & defect history
  • Vehicle bookings such as inspections, service & MOT
  • Creating and managing different vehicle types
  • Creating recurring booking schedules for vehicle types
  • Creating custom checks & checklists
  • Completing walkaround checks in the Stream mobile app
  • Reporting defects in the Stream mobile app
  • Adding & managing users
  • Pricing and next steps

What our subscribers are saying:


“Stream Check gives us instant access to vehicle checks, photos and enables us to track repairs through the system. Stream is a very user friendly and easy to install walkaround check system. Would highly recommend.”



“Stream Check is very easy to use. Using the software means less paperwork and much better communication between drivers and mechanics. When a defect is reported, it can be dealt with so much more efficiently. The support from Stream is great”

N J Oxley


“We’re using Stream Check for vehicle safety and maintenance as availability is top priority. Our Charity is functioning much more efficiently and our riders are safer. The support has been outstanding. Knowledgeable people, dedicated to our success.”

Yeovil Blood Bikes

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