Using subcontractors in Stream

Stream now has a new feature that makes subcontracting your deliveries and/or collections a breeze.

Define your subcontractors in Stream, communicate with subcontractors to assign them to any particular job, and update delivery information directly in Stream.

What does the subcontractors functionality do?

Stream’s new subcontractor functionality enables subscribers to assign delivery and collections to third-party companies (i.e. a subcontractor).

It also allows those subcontractors to capture information, confirmation and timestamps about each of the associated deliveries and collections directly in the Stream web-based application.

Stream subscribers can also email subcontractors from within the order to ask them about completing the order, pricing it, or checking the availability of the subcontractor(s).

Subcontractors are able to update information about delivery confirmations, which keeps all your order information within one system, ensuring consistent data entry for every single job managed through Stream, even when using a third party to fulfil an order.

How you can use the subcontractor feature

If you use third parties to fulfil some of your orders then you’ll already be very familiar with the concept of subcontractors.

You can now use Stream’s subcontractor functionality to create partner profiles for all your regular subcontractors, contact them via email through Stream and then assign jobs to them.

You can then get information back from subcontractor companies about each delivery or collection completed.

Even if you don’t use subcontractors on a day-to-day basis, you may still turn to third parties to cope with extra demand during peak periods (for example, in the run-up to Christmas).

Just as with those who regularly use subcontractors, you can use the same functionality on an ad-hoc basis.

How it works:

First, set up the subcontractor company as a partner, by creating a business partner, and setting them as a subcontractor.

In Order details (see below), you can initially email multiple subcontractors to find out who is able to fulfil the order based on the order criteria.



Once you’ve decided on the most appropriate subcontractor you can assign the order to them for fulfilment.

Subcontractors Order Details

From Advanced Planning, you can quickly identify the orders that will be fulfilled by a subcontractor with the ‘Subcontractor’ icon.

Subcontractors Planning

Optionally, the subcontractor company can be given access to Stream (via Business partners) to then view the orders that have been assigned to them. Through their Stream access, they can update order statuses/events without the driver having to download the Stream App.

Note: We always recommend using the Stream App where possible as the information is more accurate, information is visible in Stream tracking in real-time, the Stream App collates driver GPS positioning and more POD information can be captured at the time of delivery such as photos etc.

Subcontractor Sub Order View and Event Updated


Stream subscribers can set up subcontractors from their Stream account, but we recommend you speak to our Stream Support Team to help you get the functionality set up.

Contact for more information.