The latest release of Stream Go has seen a number of updates and enhancements to the Stream software ecosystem.

Updates to trunking


Multi-trunking allows an order to be trunked between multiple depots or warehouses, as goods move through your network.

This change would allow, for example, goods starting in a warehouse in Bristol, then trunking to a central depot in Derby, before trunking to another warehouse in Glasgow.


Missed scans reporting

New information has been added to the Run Items report to help find items that failed to be scanned onto a vehicle. The additional information shown is:

  • Which depot is handling the run?
  • Which driver and vehicle are on the run?
  • Whether or not items were scanned on and off the run
  • The timestamps for items scanned on and off the run.

API enhancements

We’ve enhanced the API with some new endpoints and additions:

Import and deletion of planning data

New API endpoint

Order addition on fixed routes

When orders are created through the API, you can allocate them onto a suitable master run.

This works best with fixed routes and set postcodes.

Route number display

You can now import route and carrier information via the API, and view that information in Advanced planning

Add document links to driver notes

You can now make online documents accessible within Stream – both in Order Details and in the Drivers’ App.

This could include a set of assembly instructions, or a map/photos with directions to an awkward-to-reach site.

Autofill updates

Match on postcode

You now have the option to autofill runs with orders based on postcode only rather than more of the address information. Allowing easier matching of orders.

Nearby processing

Update to processing nearby orders, to enhance removal of master stops or removal of all planned stops

Stream Analytics

Analytics database enhancements

The Stream Analytics database has been enhanced with more content.

Item consolidation

Item consolidations went through a number of major updates in January’s release. That functionality is now being enhanced further.

Initial order details changes

A new Order details function has been released allowing you to view consolidated items sent in through the API. This function is scheduled to be enhanced further.

Depot scanning & Trunk Allocations

Enhancements have been made to Stream’s scanning functionality and trunks to handle consolidated items.

Master runs

To segregate Masters from standard runs, when selecting a Delivery Method in Order Details the Master runs appear at the bottom of the list and are highlighted with an ‘M‘.

Changes and fixes

There has also been a number of changes, fixes, and enhancements to functionality, including:

  • Depots can now be listed alphabetically in Advanced Planning
  • You are now able to add more service levels through the Settings feature
  • You can enter additional email addresses for a single delivery/collection location
  • Improved error logging for driver data
  • Better uploading for car transport and logistics orders
  • Autoplan default dates update.