What you can expect from our October 2022 release in Stream

Release Date: Wednesday 19th October 2022

New features, improvements and fixes. Here’s everything you can expect this month, when Stream’s October release lands:

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Details Tabs


We’ve improved the user experience when it comes to vehicle management, with the addition of tabs at the top of the window to reduce the number of fields being displayed on a single screen. This includes tabs for ‘Vehicle Details’ and ‘Attributes’, with the Attributes tab specifically reserved for capturing fuel and efficiency information about the vehicle. 

To see the new tabs in action, head to Menu > Vehicle Details and then select one of your vehicles and click ‘Edit’.


Veeqo Integration


Update to the Veeqo integration to improve the way Stream pulls through ‘Kit’ item quantities (item bundles) from Veeqo.

Runs & Planning

More Columns Added to ‘Unplanned’ List


We’ve added ‘Driver Notes’ and ‘Services’ as new columns into the ‘Unplanned’ section of the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen. These columns are controlled by a new setting, just contact support@go2stream.com to turn them on for you.

General Updates and Fixes


  • Reconfigured background cleanup of session information
  • Resolved an issue with call and text buttons in ‘Stop Details’ in the mobile app when the Turn GPS navigation app was enabled
  • Option to review and send unsent data in the mobile app
  • Resolved issue with GPS tracking in the mobile app
  • Resolved issue in the Stream Mobile App which was occurring when setting signature capture to ‘Optional’
  • Resolve issue with dispatch quantity handling in order upload
  • Add option to navigate to a URL at end of completed check in the Stream mobile app for certain interfaces
  • Resolve issue with planned stop group emails
  • Resolve issue with incorrect heading appearing on the Order List report. This has been changed from ‘Required by Date’ to ‘Completion Date’
  • Resolve issue with popup after clearing user left date
  • Alternative portrait label now available with larger postal code

Need help using Stream?

Visit the Stream Knowledge base and search for answers to the questions you have, and view our how-to guides, for additional help and support using Stream.