With performance upgrades, new user guides & FAQs and order management improvements among this month’s release, read on to learn more about what we’ve added in May 2022.

User guides & FAQs


  • To help all our subscribers get the most out of Stream, we’ve now added a link to our FAQs in the header bar of Stream. We’ll be adding more and more FAQs and help guides into this particular section over time.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the question mark next to the main menu for quick access to the FAQs and user guides


Server & Hardware Upgrades

  • This month we’ve upgraded our servers and the associated hardware we use to support them. 
  • This is a big part of our continued investment in Stream
  • These upgrades will help with the performance of the system moving forward

Order management & item consolidation

  • Ability to record ‘Number of Boxes’ against a product in Stream to make it clear how many boxes need to be loaded and delivered per product and therefore how many labels will be printed from Stream. The number  per product will appear on the existing ‘Pick List’ document so it is clear to the loading team how many boxes should be loaded (for instance if the total boxes to load is two of a particular SKU and that SKU comes in four boxes then the number of boxes would be eight)


  • Driver debrief report added.

General updates & fixes

  • Resolve issue with position of events section for certain orders
  • Show error if session expired
  • Do not show suspended drivers or disposed vehicles in search filters
  • Extra options for Job List print.
  • Add document specific sections in Documents settings.
  • Optimised the size of the submitted checklist data via the app.
  • Corrected checklist validation on submit via the app.
  • Corrected checklist mandatory photo icon in the app.
  • Add Delivery Slot generation options in Planning settings

For more information on any of the above please contact support@go2stream.com