Release Notes

March 2023

New features and improvements coming your way for Planning, Orders, Depots & Vehicles this month in Stream.

Release Date

Wednesday 29th March 2023
In this release:


Access Order Monitor from the Vehicle Monitor

We’ve added the ability to go straight to the ‘Order Monitor’ screen from the ‘Vehicle Monitor’ screen. To do this, hold shift and click on the vehicle pin icon on the map.

This allows you to easily check up on the progress of a particular set of orders based on the vehicle that you clicked on in the Vehicle Monitor.

Access Vehicle Monitor from the Progress Monitor

We’ve added the ability to go straight to the ‘Vehicle Monitor’ screen from the ‘Progress Monitor’ screen. To do this, click on the map pin icon which is located next to the run status in the ‘Progress’ column.

This allows you to easily access the Vehicle Monitor focussing on a particular vehicle/run selected in the Progress Monitor.

Show User on Run Events

When hovering on a row in the ‘Run Events’ pop up window on the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen, you will now see a tooltip which displays the details of the user who performed that specific event.


Add option to hold and release existing orders via Order Upload (Added 15/03/2023)

We’ve added a new column to the Order Upload spreadsheet, which enables you to determine whether to ‘hold’ or ‘release’ individual orders upon importing your file.

Location Matching in the Logistics Variant of Stream

We’ve improved the ‘location matching’ process during the uploading of Orders in the Logistics variant of Stream.


Create ‘Master’ methods in ‘Depots’ screen

You can now create ‘Master Delivery Methods’ via ‘Depot Maintenance’. Master delivery methods are used to define Master (milk) runs, where the planner organises routes to the same repeated locations in the same sequence, usually on the same day(s) in the week. 

If you’d like to know about using depots or ‘Master Run’ planning in Stream, please contact [email protected].


Allow Vehicle Gross Weight to be edited

Previously the ‘Vehicle Gross Weight’ was locked to the ‘Vehicle Type’, however we have now made this field editable to allow you fine tune the vehicle information on different vehicles of the same type.


  • Added more currency options for use when adding costs to a run from the Advanced Planning screen
  • Further updates to the ‘Forget’ popup window in the Order Details item consolidation screen
  • We’ve updated the ‘Check Details’ popup window to include the names of custom check types
  • We’ve resequenced the ‘Print Type’ dropdown in Advanced Planning to display in alphabetical order
  • Added a new CSV export for specific Stream subscribers (Added 15/03/2023)
  • Added a new Proof of Delivery format for specific Stream subscribers (Added 15/03/2023)


  • No security updates


  • Resolved an occasional issue with missing tooltip content on the Advanced Planning screen
  • Resolved an occasional issue in the ‘inventory transfer’ process in the Brightpearl integration
  • Resolved an issue with ‘Order Upload’ in the Logistics variant of Stream
  • Resolved an issue with address related checkboxes being reset if an order with an existing customer was created using the API
  • Resolved a vehicle validation issue in the Solutions API
  • Resolve an issue when sending ‘Resume Date/Time’ planned stop in Solutions API
  • Added extra validation on the Users & Drivers screen to prevent users from accidentally removing their home screen
  • Resolved a sequencing issue when adding more than 10 Delivery/Collection custom codes on the ‘Mobile App’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen.
  • Removed the ‘Distance Actual’ column from the ‘Run Summary’ report
In this release:

Feature of the Month

Track & Trace Deliveries with Labels & Barcode Scanning

Pull barcodes from your back office systems, then print your order labels in Stream to track & trace every item at every stage of your logistics operation.

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