March’s release continues the work we’ve done over the last few month’s making improvements to existing functionality based on subscriber feedback.

These included changes to the mobile App for drivers, some additional functions in our logistics API and minor changes to logins, reporting and settings.

Plus, we’re introducing Turn, our HGV & commercial vehicle specific GPS navigation mobile app.

Read on to learn more. 


Turn – HGV navigation

We’re very excited to announce our brand new, vehicle-specific mobile navigation app, Turn.

Turn is available to Stream users and is provided as an add-on to your existing Stream subscription.

Stream vehicle dimensions are pulled into Turn as soon as your driver presses the ‘Route’ button in the Stream Mobile App.

Turn has been designed to give your drivers routes that are suitable for the type of vehicle they are driving, taking into account live traffic.

Locations can be configured via Stream to set waypoints and points to avoid, to help guide drivers safely to their destination.

Turn gives you:

  • Vehicle-specific route navigation
  • Turn-by-turn guidance taking traffic congestion into account
  • Distance and driving time to destination
  • Speed limit and current speed indicators, as well as speeding alerts
  • Simple, uncluttered and intuitive user interface
  • Light, Dark & Auto modes making it easy to use, day or night.

Interested in Turn as an Add-On to your Stream Subscription?
If you want to find out more about Turn please contact us at

Turn is currently only available to existing Stream subscribers using Android devices.

Driver mobile App & barcode scanning

  • Show Route info on Container details popup
  • Option to scan by package ID only and ignore product barcodes
  • Option to disable Delivered with Issues option on the App.

Integrations & API

  • Enhancements to the ‘method’ defaulting in Solutions API to enable multiple depot routing
  • Unleashed integration country setting.


  • New job list report setting to hide name and driver notes added
  • Alternative picklist ordered by item location
  • New Order book setting to show total number of items/consignments on each run.

General updates & fixes

  • Improvements to message preferences setup in ‘Settings’
  • Alternative login screen enhancements added
  • Enhancements to new account creation.