June’s release includes additional functionality across Stream Go, Check and Turn. Read on to learn more about this month’s release.

Run completion & driver debrief report

The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen that this particular feature release was mentioned very briefly last month. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of these new reports.

When a particular run has been completed, it is now possible to create a pdf report, which provides information on the events for each stop on that run and list any items that have been returned and showing any issues with that particular run. You’ll be able to access and run the report from Action/Print list in the Selected Run section of Advanced Planning. The report is intended for your internal use and is available for delivery/collection runs only.

The report will give details of a run with the following information:

  • Summary of the route/depot/ number of stops etc.
  • Planned and actual start and end times
  • Number of deliveries completed
  • Variance between planned and actual time 
  • Details in stop order of planned slot /actual time, order number and customer
  • Details of breaks:
  • Whether the order was Delivered/ Delivered with Issues / Failed / Collected / Missed etc. 
  • Details of the items to unload with the reason for return 
  • If it was a collection, a list of the items collected will be provided
  • Late times will be shown in red and anything other than a status of Delivered/Collected in full will be shown in red.


Barcode scanning exceptions report

We’ve added a new report which details all non-scanned items following loading of a vehicle by delivery route/run.

Your warehouse supervisors and / or transport planners will find this new report particularly useful for quickly seeing any expected items which were not scanned on to a run so they can take appropriate action to investigate the reason, organise alternative goods, or informing the customer service team etc.

A new ‘export’ option has been added to the Advanced Planning screen. This will be available for a single run or a selection of runs by selecting the export option against either a ‘Selected Run’ or against the ‘Run List’ which can be filtered as required.

The export will be valid for selection against both trunk and delivery runs. We expect subscribers will predominantly use this new export against all runs (routes) for a depot after loading has finished.

Order management & Proof of Delivery app & documentation

  • We’ve added an option to only send one email per address on ‘Run Depart’
  • Show driver notes on the Logistics POD document
  • Add new search option for tracking ID
  • Include location reference in address matching for Final Mile containers..

Labels & delivery manifest

  • You can now change the logo on the portrait label based on a specific depot or business partner
  • Subscribers can now include the number of boxes on the delivery manifest / list print.

Stream Check now in Spanish

  • We’ve added Spanish to the list of languages drivers can conduct their walkaround checks & report defects in the mobile app and desktop. Check subscribers can now operate in French, German and Spanish.

General updates & fixes

  • Resolve issue with adding users for subcontractors
  • Include item data on run upload export
  • Resolved the issue with removing contact details from partner accounts
  • Improved label type descriptions
  • Added search type options to header bar search
  • Added ‘single depot user’ functionality to Depots
  • Drop based changes to enhance Stream Analytics reporting
  • Added a button to access Turn (our commercial vehicle turn-by-turn GPS navigation app) from the drivers mobile app menu
  • Resolved time zone issue with scanning events
  • Drivers’ mobile app login improvements
  • Resolved issues with edit option for click through from ‘Advanced Planning’ screen to ‘Vehicle Details’
  • Allow job list to be printed for multiple delivery / collection runs
  • Solutions API fix added
  • Allow longer driver notes in ‘Order Upload’
  • Delete open runs option made not available to users without required authority
  • To aid performance, Stream does not show vehicle location data by default on the map
  • New function to allow editing of email content added
  • Resolve occasional issue with confirm and next option
  • Resolve issue with map pin popup after adding to a run
  • Resolve issue with new line handling in Order Search email popup
  • Resolve issue with walkaround checks under minimum time events not being logged.

For more information on any of the above please contact support@go2stream.com