Stream Go users can correct invalid address locations faster – with our latest release.

By default, invalid locations will be hidden from Unplanned orders in Advanced Planning with the ability for users to filter and show any invalid locations grouped together at the click of the mouse for speedy correction.

Stream now allows you to

  • Hide all invalid locations which will aid your route planning
  • Show only invalid locations so they can quickly and easily be corrected.


Hiding & filtering invalid locations in Advanced Planning

Invalid locations are now hidden by default from ‘Unplanned Orders’ in Advanced Planning (via the new checkbox in the Search filter).

Below is a full list of Unplanned orders with the number of invalid locations clearly indicated in red in the top left. No filter has been set in this example.


Stream Go TMS System Invalid Locations

Hiding invalid locations helps routing performance, by allowing planners to focus only on routing collections and deliveries where the full and accurate address is available.


Correcting Invalid Locations

But don’t worry, it is quick and easy to correct invalid locations. As invalid locations are grouped together in this way, planners no longer have to spend time manually looking through any Unplanned orders to correct mistakes.

Below is a list of invalid orders, which can be quickly and easily accessed by clicking on the red ‘x invalid location(s)’ text.

Stream Go TMS System Invalid Locations Filter

You can also apply a filter to show only Invalid Locations through the Unplanned Search by checking the ‘Show Invalid Locations Only’ box which can be found in the bottom right hand side of the search widget.

Stream Go TMS System Invalid Locations Order Search


Please contact the support team if you need more information or how to use this new feature in greater detail.