February welcomes our second Stream release of the year.

We continue to improve existing functionality within the platform including improvements to the way subscribers can manage vehicles and orders.

Vehicle management

We’ve added a new option to show a warning against a vehicle if a booking (service, inspection, MOT etc.) due date has been missed.

Order management

  • Changed the location of ‘Search Active’ message in Order Monitor
  • Enable latitude and longitude coordinates to be pasted in the ‘Locations’ popup
  • Default miscellaneous goods (item code MISC) in logistics order upload
  • Allow depot to be included in logistics order upload
  • Provided an alternative ‘Logistics Order List’ report.

Product management

  • Add product range field to Products.

Route optimisation & planning

  • Display future collections on the map
  • To help improve performance, route GPS locations data is not be shown by default
  • Improved mobile number validation.


Teletrac Navman

We’ve had an integration with Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR telematics & driver behaviour product for a number of years. Late last year, we also introduced an integration with their AI-based product, TN360.

Further enhancements to the DIRECTOR integration have been released this month.

Until this release, integration was very much a one-way process with information being ‘pushed’ from DIRECTOR into Stream, including vehicle GPS locations and some driver behaviour data. Now, subscribers will be able to pass information from Stream into DIRECTOR about individual stops on a run to Teletrac Navman’s in-cab devices.

Driver’s mobile App

  • We’ve added French and German language versions of the Stream Check mobile App for capturing walkaround checks and reporting defects.  
  • Show Route info on Container details popup
  • App password security improvements.

General updates & fixes

  • Add a Setting to set ‘from name’ for email and SMS text messages
  • Move all settings related to documents and reporting to the ‘Documents’ section
  • Additional licence option available in user driving licence configuration
  • Resolve issue with spacing in emails from ‘Order Search’ screen
  • Custom electronic POD order summary added
  • Enable run report button after validation
  • Captcha security update included.