Logistics & Transport Management Software Developed With Your Customers in Mind

Developed from the ground-up with a customer-first approach, Stream Go helps you to differentiate your service offering, based on a superior delivery experience for customers, regardless of whether you’re delivering business-to-business or direct to consumer.

Customers and partners have complete visibility over their orders, with automated, two-way communication in real-time. They are always able to access the information they need, which helps to avoid missed deliveries and collections, as well as reducing in-bound phone calls, and allowing any calls to be dealt with while the customer is on the line.

Happy customers are repeat customers.

A customer-first approach at every stage of the process

Proactive email and SMS updates
Customers can be notified of expected delivery times and other delivery events via email or SMS. This means that customers stay informed about their delivery status, resulting in fewer calls in search of their goods. More accurate information can be sent automatically to customers, based on events such as the route being confirmed, or the driver completing the previous delivery. This cuts down on missed deliveries, as customers are proactively informed and reminded of a precise delivery window.

Self-service tracking for customers
Customers and partners can also view and manage their own orders via a browser-based link. Customers are empowered to track their own deliveries and can be given the option to reschedule. Missed deliveries are reduced, as customers are able to access the link at any time, and so can check on the day of delivery the estimated time they can expect their driver.

Electronic proof of delivery and collection
Stream Go captures electronic Proof of Delivery (ePODs) accurately and effectively, and makes them available to your customers, partners and back-office staff in real-time, via a secure, cloud-based system. This gives customers visibility of their order, reduces issues, and makes disputes simple to resolve when they do occur. Customer service staff are able to quickly, easily and accurately respond to in-bound queries, meaning that customers have a consistently hassle-free experience, whether they use self-service information, or prefer to speak to a person.

Mobile Driver App
The Stream Go Mobile Driver App reports in real-time, delivering up-to-date information, which Stream Go can make visible to everyone you need to be informed.

Intelligent Route Optimisation & Planning
The accuracy of the planning function means that you can give customers more precise delivery slots, so they no longer have to put their plans on hold to wait in for an ambiguous ‘AM or PM’ delivery time.

By putting customers first, they can associate your brand with a positive delivery experience. You also see improvements in efficiency, as missed deliveries and in-bound queries become a thing of the past.