Close the loop between walkaround checks, defect reporting & resolution

Ensuring your fleet is safe to operate and kept on the road is critically important. Stream Check fleet maintenance and safety management software closes the loop between your drivers’ walkaround vehicle checks, vehicle inspections, defect reporting and the resolution of those defects.

Defects and issues in your vehicles, trailers and other fleet assets can be tracked and managed through to resolution with specific roles and responsibilities for drivers, fleet maintenance personnel, back-office staff and senior management.

Our fleet maintenance management software provides you with a robust and efficient triage process, which ensures that defects are identified, reported and resolved quickly with the minimum of disruption to your service.

Designed for fleets of any size, Stream helps you to get your fleet safely on the road, as planned, every day.


Manage fleet maintenance & safety with Stream Check

Record multiple walkaround checks against any vehicle or asset

An integral part of Stream Check fleet maintenance software, the mobile driver App makes it simple for drivers to record multiple checks against vehicles, including daily walkaround checks; pre-use & first use checks; handover checks; and end-of-use checks and report defects. Create other custom vehicle inspection forms based on your fleet requirements.

Easily report and manage defects

Vehicle defects and issues are recorded during the drivers’ daily walkaround check – including photographs and detailed notes. Your maintenance users are notified of any defects/issues and can determine if the vehicle is roadworthy, or if it needs to be taken off the road immediately.

Schedule preventative maintenance

Create and schedule preventative maintenance for each vehicle type based on mileage and/or specific dates.

These booking schedules can be generated automatically and viewed in either a list or a calendar, with notifications for vehicle bookings that need to be scheduled, and for booking dates that have passed without the booking being marked as complete.

Also identify, rectify and manage frequent issues and defects per vehicle type.

Track defects & issues

Once defects and issues have been recorded, you can track corrective actions all the way through to final resolution ensuring you can get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible.

Access complete inspection history of all details

Monitor your entire fleet’s inspection and maintenance history so can maximise vehicle utilisation as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Manage vehicle details

Quickly and easily create multiple vehicle types and store details of your vehicles, trailers, equipment and other fleet assets, i.e payload & cube capacity, gross vehicle weight, MOT due date and driver licence requirements.