Build & Show Brand Trust with Trustpilot

Trustpilot is the world’s leading platform for collecting customer reviews through automated invitations and reminders. Over 45 million customer reviews have been left on Trustpilot to date.

By enabling your customers to quickly and easily share their experience, you get closer to your customers and push your customer service (and business) forward.

Your customers feel that they are being listened to, while you can take that feedback and use it to measure, manage and improve your customer service.

Simply put, Trustpilot helps your business to create better experiences – for everyone.


Rise of the Review Culture: using  reviews to stand out from the crowd

More and more businesses are using customer feedback to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Regardless of the product or service, business or consumer, those making a purchase are reading online reviews before making their final choice.

And that’s where platforms such as Trustpilot come in.

Research conducted by Trustpilot (and other similar platforms) is pretty conclusive.

Retailers, wholesalers, distributors and service providers have reported increased click through rates on pay-per-click ads, email marketing and social media when they added reviews.

And, most importantly, conversions and sales increased.

“86% of consumers in the US & UK find ads more trustworthy with the Trustpilot trust mark”

Trustpilot and Stream: Optimising the delivery experience

Both Stream and Trustpilot put the customer at the very heart of the operation.

For all kinds of different businesses, the point of delivery, collection or service provision is likely to be the only face-to-face contact between the brand and the consumer.

This human-to-human interaction is the one that will often leave a lasting impression. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

Making sure that that whole process from how somebody finding your website (or indeed physical premises), navigating through the shopping experience, choosing the right product, paying for it and choosing the delivery mechanism is really really important.

However, if you operate in a business where the lead time from purchase to completion is a long one, how that order is processed post-purchase and then how they receive that final order is just as, if not more important. And that’s obviously where Stream can help you deliver on that customer promise.

Assuming all has gone well with the delivery/collection/service, the next step – the review- should be the final one. That final interaction between brand and consumer is essential to enable and power brand growth.

Using Trustpilot with Stream enables you to automatically invite customers to provide a review at the end of the entire process.

  • Orders are created in Stream (these can be pulled from any number of platforms using our APIs)
  • You then plan and optimise the routes to fulfil those orders (deliveries, collections, etc.) as normal in Stream
  • The driver/engineer confirms the order as completed in the mobile app
  • An email from Trustpilot to your customer is then triggered, inviting them to provide their review.

Crucially, customers are only asked to leave a review in Trustpilot after the order is complete.

Schedule your demo, or contact us to learn more about how Stream and Trustpilot can help you use customer reviews to power your business.