We supply rugged devices from Zebra Technologies to STREAM users (or even logistics companies currently without STREAM), who need a durable solution for their drivers.

For companies using either the STREAM Mobile Driver App or the Driver Daily Walkaround Checks App as part of their transport and logistics management system, we always recommend either the TC56 or the TC55 for operatives on the road.

Both of these devices have the full features and functionality of a regular consumer Android smartphone (like calls and texts, play store apps, GPS and inbuilt camera), with added features that make them ideal for the transport sector, including:

  • Durability – Both devices have drop and tumble specs that meet and exceed the IEC specification. They are water- and dust- proof, and feature touch screens protected with gorilla glass
  • Extended Battery Life – Up to 14 hours in the case of the TC56. Both devices also have in-cab charging accessories and easy-to-swap battery packs, so you’re always covered if they do run out of juice on the road
  • Inbuilt scanners – Inbuilt scanners make it easy for drivers to efficiently capture delivery details, so ePODs can be collected quickly and accurately
  • Lockdown Facility – Calls, texts and distracting or non-business apps can be locked down during business hours. Zebra devices also come with the ability to externally manage updates and app restrictions, which improves stability of devices.
  • Warranties – Each device comes with optional 3- or 5- year warranties, so they’ll always be immediately replaced in the event of failure.

Zebra’s TC5-series touch mobile computers are the obvious choice of devices for your delivery drivers, but what about devices for other parts of the transport and logistics sector?

Giving the people on the ground at every point in the logistics supply chain the right equipment will maximise speed, accuracy, and efficiency of deliveries, in a sector that increasingly relies on operating 24/7, 365 days a year

We’re able to supply Zebra Technologies’ full range of devices and solutions for warehouse management, as well as for transport and logistics. These are some of the indispensable solutions for the sector.

Zebra devices for the transport & logistics sector

Mobile Computers

We’ve covered how rugged mobile touch computers and devices are a great solution for drivers in the logistics sector, but they can also greatly help warehouse operatives, with wearable or in-cab accessories, as well as inbuilt scanners for fast and accurate picking and packing.


The ability to produce labels, receipts, and other documents is essential in the warehouse and delivery environment. With all kinds of printers, from industrial models for high-volume printing to rugged, wearable mobile printers for fast, dynamic labeling on-the-go, we can provide printer solutions for every kind of transport and logistics environment.


For warehouse operatives constantly dealing with inventory in receiving, pick-and-packing, shipping and returns handling, a dedicated barcode and RFID scanning device will support faster scanning. With durable devices and scanners that can pick up faint or damaged barcodes, handheld scanners support warehouses to process high volumes of order and inventory.

While we recommend the TC5-series of touch mobile computers specifically for use with STREAM, we are able to supply the full range of Zebra Technologies devices.

Schedule a demo of Zebra devices to speak to an expert about which solution is most suited to your business.