What Makes Zebra’s OS Stand Out Over Consumer Smartphones?

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system (OS), with 70.1% of people using Android(compared to 21% on iOS) worldwide and in the UK, with 55% of people using Android in (compared to 42.3% on iOS).

Despite its’ popularity and great capabilities as an OS, however, Android alone isn’t perfectly suited to business use. In fact, no consumer OS really has the enterprise features needed by businesses out-of-the-box.

Zebra‘s Mobility DNA transforms Android into an enterprise-ready OS, that allows businesses to become more productive, simplify management processes make integration easier.

Zebra’s hardware is perfectly suited to the transport and logistics sector (read about why you need rugged devices in the transport and logistics industry and why Zebra’s TC56 might just be the best phone for logistics professionals). We’ve also looked at why the Android OS on Zebra’s rugged devices is a great combination for commercial drivers.

Now we’re taking a closer look at that marriage of Android with Zebra. Instead of seeing how Zebra’s hardware can enhance Android’s OS to offer a business-ready device, we’ll show you how Zebra’s software (specifically Mobility DNA) transforms Android into an enterprise OS.

What does zebra’s mobility dna add to android?

Mobility DNA tools take Android to the next level, increasing efficiency across your logistics operations.

Business tools

Maximise business resources to make your logistics operations more efficient. Mobility DNA offers you the tools to facilitate better communication across your workforce, complete tasks more quickly, and improve speed and ease of connectivity, whether in the warehouse or out on the road

Productivity Tools

Devices with Mobility DNA feature the kind of enterprise features that enable you and your team to accomplish jobs and tasks more quickly and easily. Because it’s built using Android, the user-interface is familiar to most people, minimising the learning curve required get started using Zebra devices out-of-the box.

Management tools

Mobility DNA gives you control over the devices used in your business, from added security, to access via centralised device management and clear visibility in real-time. You have the ability to easily manage the deployment of applications on every device, and quickly troubleshoot any issues, remotely.

Development tools

Though you probably won’t be making use of Mobility DNA’s development, tools, the ability to quickly, easily and smartly develop mobile applications for the platform means that STREAM’s mobile driver app and driver daily walkaround check app are seamlessly integrated with Zebra’s devices.

Ultimately, you may not need to be aware of all the technical features of Zebra’s Mobility DNA. You just need to know that, behind Zebra’s ruggedised hardware that can survive the physically demanding transport and logistics environment, and Android’s consumer-friendly OS which familiar and user-friendly is an enterprise-level software set with business-critical features.

These additional capabilities and features give Zebra users the efficiency advantages associated with increased security, enhanced communication, and a more productive workforce.

Android with Mobility DNA is available on many of Zebra’s rugged devices, like the TC56 and TC55, which we recommend for drivers using STREAM’s Walkaround Check feature.


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