Brightpearl and Veeqo now both include warehouse management systems

Ecommerce website: check.

Multi-channel retail management: check.

Omnichannel retail management: check.

Delivery management: check.

And now, through both Brightpearl and Veeqo retailers, wholesalers and distributors can manage their warehouse operations through one complete package.

Both applications help businesses manage their back office operations and have recently added warehouse management to their product portfolios as added value services.

If your business runs multiple warehouses, then both Brightpearl and Veeqo can manage them through the one application, meaning products can be shipped from any location and inventory levels are updated centrally automatically.

Both applications offer the type of features and functionality you would expect, including:

  • Bulk pick, pack and ship
  • Inventory counts and management
  • Order fulfilment and shipping integration
  • Barcode scanning
  • Delivery and returns reconciliation.

In addition, Brightpearl’s Warewolf system provides a host of warehouse and inventory automation to further streamline and speed up the whole fulfilment process.

As well as the software, Veeqo provides subscribers with the option to purchase enterprise-level barcode scanners.

Learn more about the Brightpearl warehouse management system

Learn more about the Veeqo warehouse management system

Stream integrates with both Brightpearl and Veeqo to help businesses manage their deliveries, orders and vehicles more efficiently and effectively. With warehouse management capabilities, retail operations has just got a whole lot simpler.

Find out how easy it is to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders with Stream.

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