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Zebra TC26 Unboxing with Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam | Rugged Android device for transport & logistics


Dave Pickburn tries out the newest rugged Android device from Zebra Technologies.


Hi! It’s Dave Pickburn from StreamTech.

I just received in the post today a parcel from Zebra with the new TC26 device inside, I hope, which is the replacement for the TC25 device.

The TC26 is out of its box. It’s a ruggedised device suitable for vehicle drivers. There’s space for a sim card in there, you can lock the device down as well. It’s got a removable battery. You can buy bigger batteries, but for drivers where it’s on a cradle in the cab and they’ve got a charger then it’s absolutely fine with a standard battery. The battery just pushes in at the back.

The TC26 a little bit bigger than a regular smartphone, but not a lot. It’s a little bit deeper, it’s got raised edges and protection around the corners and so on because it’s a ruggedised device. It’s an ideal phone for your drivers: really easy for them to use, and it’s got all the features you need

It’s a standard Android phone underneath the covers. It also has a standard USB socket, so you can just charge it on any regular charger, and you can get cradles to charge them with as well.

So I’m going to pause for a second there and just initialise the phone

So I’ve set the TC26 up. That’s pretty straightforward, it’s a straightforward Android phone.

I’ve installed the Stream app onto there. The TC26 has got a better scanner in it (than the TC25).

So that’s it: the Zebra TC26, an Android device. It’s got the built-in barcode scanner, it works really well

You can get more information on this on our website, schedule a demo of Stream, or email [email protected].


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Stream partners with Zebra Technologies to bring you durable Android devices.

Zebra devices are built to withstand the toughest environments, with ruggedisation features like waterproofing, drop- and tumble-proofing and a shatter- and scratch-proof Gorilla Glass display screen.

Replaceable battery packs give up to 14 hours life, and devices also come with an optional five- or three- year no-quibble replacement warranty.

Zebra also gives you the best in enterprise-grade devices, with superior barcode scanners, excellent wireless connectivity and processing power, and the usability of the Android operating system.


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