Paul Rufus #StreamTeam Update | 17 October 2019 | The Subscription Model & Innovation

I’m Paul Rufus, I look after the marketing here at Stream

Stream’s an innovative product, it’s cloud-based and very much that subscription model in the subscription economy, and obviously Stream’s available on a monthly subscription basis but it’s been really interesting to have a couple of businesses signed up that are based on that subscription model as well, and very innovative.

It’s not just very traditional delivery-type companies that are subscribing to the software at the moment:

One where it’s subscribing and getting a pushbike and then all the associated equipment and you pay for that on a monthly subscription, that’s really quite interesting and exciting.

And another one that’s working kind of on the cutting edge of the retail industry, mitigating some of the risks of returns, and somebody buying a product and delivered to your door and then you’ve got a short window to try it on, if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, just give it back to the delivery person and they return it back to the shop.

One of the things that’s really exciting me, though we are a relatively small team based out of Leeds and Nottingham in the UK is just how that community has grown not just within UK and Ireland, but very much a global community.

We’ve signed up new customers both in the US and in New Zealand and the number of people interested in both the Stream Go product and Stream Check is growing on a global platform.

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