A recent report by Brightpearl, in association with Parcelhub, has highlighted some insightful figures for the retail industry when it comes to understanding what customers want.

The Retail Expectation Gap report, looks at whether the things that customers have come to expect, and what retailers have to offer, matches up, to uncover the expectation gap between retail and the consumer. 

The teams at Brightpearl and Parcel hub surveyed 1000 consumers and 100 retail decision makers in organisations across the UK to find out about the retail expectation gap. 

Highlights from the report:


47% of retailers lose customers due to missed or delayed deliveries


Only 22% of retailers believe they currently offer the best post-sales process possible


97% of consumers agree post purchase information is important to them


96% of consumers consider the ability to return an item to be important when deciding whether to shop with a brand

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The Retail Expectation Gap report reveals:

  • Consumers’ preferences when it comes to post purchase communication, delivery options, and returns
  • The discrepancies between what consumers expect vs what retailers are offering when it comes to delivery, fulfilment, and returns
  • Technology that is critical for merchants to be able to offer the experience customers are looking for
  • The importance of a seamless returns process as eCommerce continues to boom

Head on over to the Brightpearl site to download the report today and find out what consumers expect vs what retailers are offering to help you understand how your business can close the gap.

About Brightpearl with Stream

Brightpearl is a retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform built for omnichannel merchants which is designed to support operational agility for retailers and wholesalers striving to boost sales, exceed consumer expectations, and respond quickly to changing markets.

Here at Stream, we have a longstanding relationship with Brightpearl which has allowed us to develop a seamless integration to help retailers exceed their customers expectations using real-time tracking information and capturing electronic proof of delivery information for their orders.

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