How to use Brightpearl to automate your ecommerce orders

If this year has shown us anything, it’s that time is precious – and life is too short to spend it on tedious, repetitive tasks (especially if there isn’t a way to eliminate them).

Our partners Brightpearl have saved customers up to 2 months a year with automated eCommerce workflows.

Demand for online shopping has never been higher – and eCommerce retailers have never been busier.

But post-purchase operations, from processing orders to updating accounting journals, can take up a lot of time if they’re done manually.

If only there was a way to easily process more online orders…

Get the guide to automating your eCommerce orders

Brightpearl’s automation tools have saved thousands of eCommerce merchants hours of work every month.

By automating order processing workflows – usually at the core of any eCommerce business – retailers not only save the save time, but also the headache of manual order processing.

Automation can improve efficiency and speed up fulfilment, so time and energy can be focused elsewhere in the business – or even away from the business with friends and family!

This whitepaper from Brightpearl gives you the tools to begin automating the 10 key steps in sales order processing, including:

  1. Creating the order
  2. Recording payment
  3. Reserving inventory
  4. Quality checking
  5. Fulfilling the order
  6. Updating the order status
  7. Packing the shipment
  8. Determining the shipping method and printing the label
  9. Updating the customer
  10. Updating financial accounts.

In this typical order workflow, you’ll see which steps are easy to get automation wrong – and the unseen costs of those mistakes. You’ll also see which steps you should prioritise for automation – and the steps where automation should wait.

Brightpearl’s Automation Engine can transform your workflow. Discover how much difference automation could make in your business.

Get the guide here

Get the guide to automating your eCommerce orders

Learn about the Stream and Brightpearl integration

Stream and Brightpearl have a very tight, close strong integration, ready to be implemented in your business.

You can learn more about the Stream & Brightpearl shipping and fulfilment integration here

Brightpearl helps omnichannel retailers to manage inventory and orders across multiple channels. With Brightpearl, retailers are able to manage product information and prices, reconcile inventory stock levels, and process orders and financial data. Brightpearl offers built-in access to multiple retail channels via integrations with leading eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop, Amazon and eBay.

For retailers delivering goods in their own vehicles, order and delivery information can be passed into Stream to plan and optimise the best routes, and tracking and ePOD information can be passed back into Brightpearl.