Introducing a new generation of ePOD device: Zebra’s TC58

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Zebra has long been known for its capabilities in providing rugged devices for the logistics sector

With the ease of use of the Android OS (operating system), plus enterprise-grade functionality, all in practically-indestructible rugged hardware, Zebra devices have always offered best-in-class solutions for drivers, warehouse operatives and other logistics staff.

But the world is changing faster than ever.

Between the on-demand economy, growing customer expectations, increased competition driven by globalisation, and the cost of labour and supply chains skyrocketing, businesses making deliveries in their own vehicles need a mobile device solution that empowers workers to achieve more.

More than that though, you need a solution that can anticipate and adapt to these changing conditions, to take you confidently into the future.

That’s where Zebra’s new generation of devices steps in.

The TC58 is designed to do more (if you’re looking for a rugged mobile computer for inside the four walls, i.e. Wi-Fi only, then the TC53 is the device for you).

Choose an ePOD device that can drive new possibilities, with new hardware, new solutions, new sensor technologies, 5G and Wi-Fi 6E and more.

Introducing a new generation of ePOD devices: Zebra’s TC58

The TC58’s adaptive future-proof design performs far beyond the demands of today.

It’s ready to meet your workflow needs tomorrow and into the future.

So what makes this new generation of ePOD devices so different?

Industry-first dimension capture

Equipped with Zebra Dimensioning™ Certified Mobile Parcel technology, workers can easily capture parcel dimensions at the click of a button, with an integrated depth sensor.


You can take inventory in record time with RFID technology. Choose your range and ruggedness with a choice of two lightning-fast RFID sleds, connected via Bluetooth, NFC or Zebra’s eConnect™ adapter.


Payment-ready devices make it easy for drivers and operatives to collect mobile payments.

Workstation transformation

Create a mobile-driven workstation for training, customer assistance, managers and more. The Workstation cradle connects the TC58 to a large monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and more, reducing the need for separate fixed workstations. You can even operate the device simultaneously as both a handheld mobile computer and a workstation.

Hybrid Point of Sale

Create a mobile-driven complete POS (Point of Sale) station by dropping the TC58 into the Workstation Point-of-Sale cradle to connect to a complete on-demand POS solution.

Advanced scan engine

Chose between the SE4720 1D/2D scan engine or the SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine. Advanced Range enables you to capture barcodes in-hand, across the room or on the tallest rack.

A new generation of performance

The TC58’s processor is designed to drive the adoption of emerging technologies, with class-leading memory and storage to provide virtually instant response times

Class-leading display & design

Featuring a 6-inch advanced edge-to-edge display, workers are able to see more, do more — and scroll less. Alongside the device’s ergonomic design and advanced materials technology, the TC53/TC58 are even more durable.

Best-in-class camera, microphone and speakers

Capture crisp and sharp images with a 16mp rear colour camera and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) functionality. Experience extraordinary audio clarity with three microphones and two speakers. You can even use the TC58 as a two-way radio out in the field.

Unmatched battery technology

With the largest standard battery in its class, intelligent battery management, and 50%+ more power with the extended battery, the TC58 can power your workers through a whole shift and more.

Advanced connectivity

The TC58 offers just about any wireless connection you could ask for. Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, GPS, Bluetooth and support for CBRS private LTE networks (in the US) give you unrivalled, cost-effective wireless connectivity across even the biggest facility.

Enterprise-grade features – in a consumer-smartphone package

Zebra’s Mobility DNATM tools deliver a built-in advantage over comparable devices. With a comprehensive toolset covering every aspect of the device lifecycle, you can simplify device integration, increase device security, deploy devices faster, easily manage and control devices, and increase worker productivity. At the same time, the familiar, user-friendly Android OS make it easy for workers to use with minimal training.

Empower a new generation of data collection possibilities in your logistics operation by using the TC58 as your ePOD device of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rugged device?

Rugged handheld devices (often referred to as mobile computers by the manufacturers) are designed and built for specific work environments with safety, productivity and security in mind. They’re designed to perform in difficult environments, such as having hard-wearing cases to protect them from drops, impacts and scratches, exposure to extreme temperatures and being water u0026 dust resistant, so you don’t need to worry about device failures whilst out on the road.

What is ePOD (electronic Proof of Delivery)?

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is the digital capture of a signature or photograph which is usually time, date and location ‘stamped’ via a hand-held device. By capturing signatures and photographs, electronic Proof of Delivery helps to prove that an item was satisfactorily delivered to a customer – and record any failed deliveries.


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