Google Analytics is important for eCommerce retailers – but how many use it to its’ full potential?

The basics of tracking page views and acquisition channels is only the tip of the iceberg – we all know that Google Analytics is powerful, and can give real insight into the patterns of your customers.

So why are many eCommerce retailers not using Google Analytics to its’ full potential?

Google Analytics can seem complicated at first, but tracking visitors and goals is absolutely essential, so that you know how you’re doing (and where to improve).

eCommerce marketing can feel like stabbing in the dark at the best of times, but without powerful data about how customers (and, more importantly, not-quite-customers) move around your website (and towards a purchase decision), it is impossible to make informed decisions about changes and additions to your site.

Our partners at Veeqo have teamed up with eCommerce expert Dan Barker to bring eCommerce retailers a Google Analytics masterclass, covering topics from setting up dashboards, to attribution, and user experience to marketing channels.

Whether you’ve never used Google Analytics before and you’re totally new to tracking and goals, or you’re a seasoned user and just have a few questions, Dan Barker has the expertise to help you succeed with Google Analytics.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday 22nd March and you can register here.

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