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Boosting Business Without Increasing Headcount

Furniture retailers, just like any other retailer, face a number of challenges when it comes to getting their products from their stores and warehouses and into the homes of their customers – especially when they’re using their own fleet of vehicles.

In this post, we’ll dive into the problems furniture retailers face and how furniture delivery management software can help you boost your business without increasing your headcount.

What problems do furniture retailers face?

Every business comes with its own unique challenges, but when it comes to making deliveries, there are some common problems that appear time and time again.

For instance, if you’re running a system that doesn’t provide real-time status updates, you may not know where an order is once it’s left your warehouse.

“We were living in chaos most of the time wondering where shipped items were.” Scandinavian House

As a furniture retailer, you may well have faced some of the following challenges:

  • Strain on dated back office systems
  • Unable to track or locate orders and deliveries once they’ve left the warehouse
  • Delays in information being sent to customers and business partners
  • Lack of integrations, which leads to information being inconsistent across applications
  • No ability to capture and display status information in real-time
  • Phones constantly ringing with customers asking ‘Where’s my order?’

If you’ve ever experienced any of these, then read on, as we’re going to explain how furniture delivery software can help remove these problems from your business.

Furniture retailers aren’t the only businesses transporting goods using specialist delivery management software either.

For instance, removalists are also using route optimisation software to save time and increase their profits. Find out more about this here.


How does furniture delivery software fix these problems?

We pride ourselves in being experts in the field on this subject, as we’ve helped a number of furniture retailers boost their business without the need for increasing their headcount.

“Before, we were working to full capacity. Now, we can manage three times the volume of orders. Stream means that we can expand our business without further increasing our headcount” Scandinavian House

And so of course we’re going to be using Stream as the example of how furniture delivery software can help fix the problems that you’ve faced.

Our Stream platform boasts a range of powerful features to streamline your processes, integrate your applications and generally make your life easier.

Route Planning & Optimisation

Load your furniture orders onto the run and then let Stream automatically calculate the optimised route for completing your deliveries.

“We have dramatically improved the efficiency of our deliveries. We’ve honestly not looked back and see Stream as a key business partner. Now, we’re processing double the orders that we were two-years ago and continuing to grow.”Pavilion Broadway

Real-time order and delivery tracking

See the status of any order, delivery or driver location in real-time using our monitoring interfaces.

Reduce the number of ‘Where’s my order?’ phone calls by providing customers with tracking URLs which are updated in real time based on the drivers progress.

“Stream gives us the ability to be 100% on top of our orders with the real time data available quickly and efficiently. As a result, it has vastly improved our customer service and, being honest, I wouldn’t like to imagine a Scandinavian House without Stream.” Scandinavian House

Automated customer updates via Email and SMS

Send automatic notifications to your customers via email and SMS to update them on the status of their order.

Integrations with your favourite back-office systems

Access two-way integrations with Brightpearl, Mintsoft, PeopleVox or a huge number of other third party platforms using Zapier (including the likes of Shopify, Woocommerce and QuickBooks).

Ready to transform your business with furniture delivery software?

If you’d like to find out more about how Stream could help streamline your furniture delivery process, then why not book a demo with one our transport solutions advisors?

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