The final mile in your delivery process may be your customer’s only touch point with your brand.

Massive warehouses, Just-in-Time manufacturing and handheld devices have transformed the supply chain as a whole, enabling businesses to make the order-to-delivery process faster and more flexible than ever before.

Expectations for service and value in home delivery have been driven by the likes Amazon, and by the ‘uberisation’ of services. Consumer demand for flexibility and transparency is growing, and companies are held increasingly accountable by the always-on public feedback of social media. Managing the final mile of delivery with spreadsheets, paper print-outs and an A-Z just won’t cut it any more.

ePOD software systems give businesses managing their own deliveries in their own fleet of vehicles a way to compete with those household names.

With tools like intelligent route optimisation, sign-on-glass technology, barcode scanning and automated progress notifications, businesses are able to deliver the kind of final-mile service that today’s consumers expect.

Read an excerpt from our guide ‘ePOD: Going the Extra Mile for the Final Mile’ below:

Electronic Proof of Delivery

The technology powering modern logistics

Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

Events in the calendar that bring an enormous spike in the number of parcels sent and deliveries needed. 

E-commerce driven home deliveries are starting to over-take traditional goods shipments in terms of customer demand and demanding customers. Your retail, wholesale and distribution customers demand fast, high quality and efficient delivery because their customers will hold them accountable via social and traditional means if there is a problem. Being at your most efficient and effective has never been more important to them or you.

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  • How electronic proof of delivery can help you to delight your customers & build strong & loyal relationships
  • Why your drivers & back-office staff will love the convenience, control & access to real-time information an ePOD system gives them
  • What savings you could make to your bottom line, with the efficiencies offered in an ePOD system.