Dako saves time and resources using STREAM

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STREAM is perfectly suited to managing the delivery and transportation for online furniture retailers – just look at our award-winning partnership with Scandinavian House – and now Dako, the UK’s premier supplier of quality Polish furniture are already reaping the benefits of the STREAM TMS.

Dako are seeing the financial and time savings of using map-based route optimisation software to plan their deliveries, make routes more efficient, minimise time on the road as well as optimise vehicle loading.

STREAM’s SMS and email delivery notifications have empowered Dako’s customers, increasing customer satisfaction and freeing up time previously spent by customer service staff to focus on more pressing issues.

Dako’s Logistics Specialist, Cezary Kroszkiewicz, has been really impressed with STREAM, saying:

“STREAM has made managing deliveries easy – we’ve already saved hours on administrative and planning tasks. We’re taking advantage of the integrated route optimisation, vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery as well being able to give our customers an even better service.”


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