Last year was quite a year for Stream.

We more than doubled the number of companies who joined the Stream subscriber community – and that growth is only set to continue this year as we look to develop the add more and more features into our delivery, logistics and fleet compliance software.

To support this continued development, we’ve invested in new hardware, added to the #StreamTeam on the software development side.

We’ve refreshed the look and feel of both the Driver Daily Walkaround Checks App and the Stream Mobile Driver App with a continued focus on improving the user experience and user interface throughout Stream making it even more intuitive and easy-to-use.

Pete Samways will be driving further innovative development techniques in his new role as Technical Architect in addition to his existing role at Proximity.

#StreamTeam subscribers benefit from new features and functionality as part of the wider subscriber community, including recent innovations added to Stream Check such as the fleet maintenance calendar view, plus  automatic bookings and preventative maintenance schedules

Over the last month or so, subscribers have also been able to take advantage of these new features:

Splitting line items at the point of delivery or collection

Drivers can now split individual line items into two parts directly in the App. This means that different statuses can be recorded. This may be useful of, for example, a customer has ordered three of the same item, but one has been damaged in transit – the driver can split the line item, then mark two as delivered and one as undelivered.

Recording quantities at the point of delivery or collection

Drivers are also able to record the exact quantity delivered in the App, at the point of delivery or collection. This feature is ideal for businesses that may not know exact quantities to be delivered or collected at the point of order.

Planners may know the approximate amount to be delivered or collected (eg. 200kg), and drivers can then adjust to the exact amount (eg. 197kg) on the fly so everyone stays up-to-date.

We’ve seen user cases with both new and existing subscribers in the bulk haulage of goods like fuel oil, bulk liquids, pellets, aggregates or logs; or the delivery of food and beverage items, such as coffee to consumers and businesses.

bulk haulage software stream go adjust mobile app

Setting unloading and assembly times

Planners are able to edit the amount of time they expect drivers to spend on site directly from the logistics optimisation and planning module. That means that activities like loading, unloading or assembly can be easily set (for example, if an address is in a block of flats unloading is likely to take longer).

In turn, this makes delivery route time estimates more accurate, reducing the likelihood of late deliveries.

Quickly change addresses

For customer service staff or planners, delivery and/or collection address can now be managed through a single pop-up. The address can be changed quickly from any screen simplifying the planning process.

When you subscribe to Stream, you’re joining a community – one where you can benefit from everyone else using it.

As Stream continues to grow, the system will continue to change and to improve.  Keep posted for more new features coming in the next few weeks.

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