A new cohort of #StreamTeam developers

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In the 18 months since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been able to:

  • Add new features and integrations to the Stream product ecosystem
  • Support our existing users through times of great uncertainty and grow the Stream user base significantly across the globe
  • Grow the Stream Team, with two new cohorts. Learn about the first cohort here, and the newest members of the #StreamTeam below:

Meet the newest members of the #StreamTeam

Theon Benjamin

After working as a Software Engineer as part of a placement year during his web development degree, Theon wanted to learn more about software development and particularly developing in PHP.

Working on Stream so far, his favourite aspect of the software is the integration of Power BI and Google Maps to provide functionality and display information visually.

“I’m looking forward to working on the Stream and Stream Check products, whether it’s the App functionality at the backend or the web design in the frontend.”

Josh Blackman

Josh actually graduated from university with a degree in zoology and from there he worked for a few years  as an ecologist and then as a researcher.

While Josh was teaching online in the Philippines, he started to self-learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The on-the-job training and the company culture at Stream appealed to Josh in his new role as a junior software developer. Josh has so far enjoyed remote working in a “really supportive atmosphere” with daily mentor catch-ups and Friday catch-ups with the other mentees.

“I’m interested in learning and seeing how everything from the front-end connects to the back-end and how it all comes together from what the customer sees to what we receive.”

Tommy Brader

Last year, Tommy did a masters degree, which included an introductory web development module where he learned some JavaScript. The training in the junior software developer role was “quite reassuring” alongside Tommy’s experience during his masters, and now he’s looking forward to getting into developing some larger-scale projects.

Daily mentor meetings and other video calls have “made it feel like you’re part of the team, rather than being disconnected.”

“Stream is quite easy to navigate my way around, which shows that it’s intuitive and easy to use.”

Pete Saunders

Software development is something Pete has always been interested in, but never had the opportunity to try.

After 12 years in the print industry though, the pandemic impacted his job – so he decided to give programming a try.

Despite remote working, Pete already feels like he’s part of a supportive community at Stream. The trainees all come from diverse working backgrounds and experiences, so everyone can bring something different to the table.

“I’m looking forward to developing and getting into the software. It’ll be nice to do something where I can actually go ‘I was involved in designing, developing and implementing that.”

Jowell Stones

Jowell joined the Stream Team from working as a chef. He is currently completing a degree in computing-related fields part-time, which is where most of his programming knowledge comes from.

After trying his hand at programming and finding it really interesting, Jowell had been looking for a training role – and this was the perfect fit.

Remote working has been new to Jowell, and he’s already looking forward to diving into developing algorithms:

“I think the most interesting thing to me is the route optimisation element of Stream. “



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