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Ensure HGV, LGV & PSV vehicles are roadworthy & compliant

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Your HGV, LGV and PSV drivers should be completing daily walkaround checks, but with mountains of paper records, and drivers out on the road, how can you be sure that all checks are undertaken properly?

In line with DVSA guidelines, STREAM’s paperless daily walkaround check App makes it quick and easy for drivers to complete their vehicle checks using any mobile device.

A vital part of STREAM’s vehicle maintenance management software, the App closes the loop between walkaround checks, defect reporting and resolution of issues.

How to do the Driver Daily Walkaround check with an app for HGV and van drivers

Information about each vehicle in your fleet can be managed through the vehicle maintenance back office system.

From here you can customise and add any checks that are specific to your business, view and audit historical vehicle checks, monitor vehicle maintenance information and manage any defects and maintenance issues through to resolution.

Our driver daily walkaround checks App helps you to efficiently manage your entire fleet and protects drivers, with a clear chain-of-command for defect reporting and maintenance issues.

Most importantly though, the system is in place to safely and efficiently get your fleet out on the road. By giving drivers a quick and reliable way to log issues, each defect can be categorised and problems resolved by the maintenance team to ensure all of your vehicles on the road are roadworthy and compliant.

How Does The Driver Daily Walkaround Check App Work?

STREAM’s App and back-office system work together to help drivers complete their daily vehicle checks more efficiently and ensure you can manage defects and vehicle maintenance through to resolution.


Drivers go through each point on the list, checking the corresponding area of the vehicle, and ticking every check in the app, as they go.

Where problems are found, the driver records details of any issues, with space for written notes and photographs.

You can be assured that drivers are completing their checks properly: precise timings and GPS location are recorded to confirm that checks are completed where and when they should be.

Email notifications can be sent to your back-office staff if a driver has left without completing the check, or has completed the check implausibly fast

You can also set a required level for second checks, which require a predetermined number of checks, for example 10%, will be randomly selected to be signed off or verified by someone else (either by a maintenance team member or by another driver).

If a check is assigned to have a second check, the daily walkaround check cannot be marked as complete until a second user has logged in and signed off or verified it.


There is also space for the driver to record to whom they reported a defect or issue, so you always have a clear chain of communication.

Each defect or issue can also be categorised and ranked according to urgency so that your maintenance team are able to ‘triage’ each vehicle:

  • Is the vehicle usable? Maintenance can check and sign off some issues as safe to drive, to be fixed at a later date (for example, for a small crack in the windscreen)
  • If not, can the issue be resolved quickly? Some issues require a simple ‘quick fix’ and can still be out on the road on time (for example, a flat type)
  • If not, how long will it take to resolve? Maintenance can sign the vehicle out of action and add an expected resolution date and time.

If a vehicle is marked as having an issue that makes it unusable, back-office staff can receive a notification that it is ‘unavailable’, and steps can be immediately taken to minimise disruption, whether that involves rearranging jobs or locating a replacement vehicle.

Drivers can mark in the App if there are no additional issues at the end of a shift or at handover to the next driver.


Records of every check are securely stored electronically for a minimum of 15-months in line with DVSA regulations.

Keeping records of your walkaround checks can be a time-consuming and paper-heavy process.

It is easy to accidentally lose or destroy a paper record, but by storing records of your driver’s walkaround checks electronically, you are can be safe in the knowledge that the checks are being completed and can be accessed whenever you need them.


The maintenance team can upload details on the progress of issue resolution, including photographs, notes and documents tracking repairs through the system, and then mark the issue as resolved.

Our paperless daily walkaround check App can be used independently from STREAM’s delivery and transport management software - or integrated to provide a complete system for managing your deliveries, vehicles and orders.

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