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Ensure HGV, LGV & PSV vehicles are roadworthy & compliant

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Simple & Intuitive to use

Eliminate paperwork & manual processes

Full Historical records & clear audit trail

Record Date, Time & Location of Checks

Immediate notification of defects & issues

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Your HGV and LGV drivers should be completing daily walkaround checks, but with messy paper records, and drivers out on the road, how can you be sure that all checks are properly undertaken?

In line with DVSA guidelines, STREAM’s paperless daily walkaround check App makes it quick and easy for drivers to complete their vehicle checks.

How to do the Driver Daily Walkaround check with an app for HGV and van drivers

How Does The Driver Daily Walkaround Checklist App Work?

First, you’ll set up your fleet of vehicles in the backend of the app – you only need to do this once.

The app adds all 21 of the standard checks required, and you can also add industry- or company- or vehicle- specific checks.

Adding in basic information about the vehicle - like size, age, mileage and MOT date – keeps all the essential vehice details in one place.

Your drivers then download the app from the Google Play Store to any Android device, and they’re ready to log in at the start of each day:

  • Check

    Drivers go through each point on the list, checking the corresponding area of the vehicle, and ticking every check in the app, as they go.

    Where problems are found, the driver records details of any issues, with space for written notes and photographs.

  • Report

    There is also space for the driver to record who they reported it to, so you always have a clear chain to communication, should anything go wrong.

    Email notifications can be set up to warn you, or your back-office staff, when a problem is reported, when a driver has left without completing the check, or even to update you when the MOT is due on a vehicle.

  • Record

    Records of every check are securely stored in the cloud for a minimum of 15 months, in line with DVSA regulations.

Keeping records of your walkaround checks can be a time-consuming and paper-heavy process.

It is easy to accidentally lose or destroy a paper record, but by storing records of your driver’s walkaround checks in the cloud, you are can be safe in the knowledge that the checks are being completed, and the records are stored until you need them.

Our paperless daily walkaround check App can be used independently from STREAM’s delivery and transport management software - or integrated to provide a complete system for managing your deliveries, vehicles and orders.

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