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Shahid Latif #StreamTeam update | 21 August 2019 | Stream’s public API & Webhooks

Good morning!Hi, it’s Shahid – welcome to this weeks’ Stream video, where we’ll be looking at the recent updates we’ve made in the area of APIs. So, we’ve added Webhooks in particular.

You might be wondering why we’re going into Webhooks & APIs. The idea with APIs & Webhooks is just to make it a lot easier to integrate with Stream, so your other systems can communicate a lot more easily, sending information in, and getting alerts back. The communication via APIs & Webhooks is a lot quicker than other methods that we’ve used in the past.

APIs & Webhooks are used quite commonly within different industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics. The idea really is to bring systems together, have them talk to each other, synchronise the data, and keep them all up to date. It’s something that you’ll probably be using in your everyday life, as well. If you’re watching something on Netflix or on a tablet, the chances are, you’ll be accessing that via an API.

The difference between the API and the Webhook is that the API is a service that performs an action when you ask it to do something, and then the Webhooks provide real-time notifications when something has occurred. For instance, within Stream, we have an API to create an order when you pass it all the right information. Webhooks: if an order has been delivered, you’ll get a notification of that, and then your system can trigger sending an invoice. So it brings all that communication and triggers off different events in different systems, depending on whatever you need.

We provide some documentation, so your IT team can get to grips with what’s required for the APIs & how to get them working. We can work with your development people, or your software partners – maybe you’ve got an SAP partner or a Sage partner – we can help with the communication, and to enable that.

We’ve had very positive feedback since the API was released because it’s a favourite approach of a lot of IT teams. One of our recent customers had their integration up & running in around a day, just using the documentation that we’ve provided, so it’s a really quick, easy way to get started.

The APIs themselves, it’s an area that we are going to be expanding on so, look out for those enhancements. If you’d like to know more about how to integrate with Stream’s APIs then please contact us at the support email address (

Bye for now!

More information & request access to the Stream API:
Refer a customer to us or become a partner:
Learn more on the blog:

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 01 August 2019 | ANNOUNCEMENT: Master Runs & Milk Runs

Good morning! It’s Dave Pickburn with our usual weekly update, but this week, it’s a little bit different.

We’re going to be talking about some new functionality we’ve got in beta, something we’ve been working on for a little while. This is really functionality we’ve built to be able to manage Milk Runs, but it goes a lot further than that. It’s suitable for the whole Stream community and adds something for everyone, I think.

The first element of it is to be able to create Master Runs
The second element is to be able to copy those runs
& The third element is to be able to fill those runs out

Step one is to build master runs. You can use all the autoplanning functionality within Stream to build those master runs or you can do them manually or you can just add planned stops in the locations you want to have on there. you can add drivers, start times, end times, vehicles, etc.

The second step is to be able to copy those, so you can copy those ready for a day’s work. You can also copy existing runs, so if you’ve got a run from last week, going to Scotland, you can copy that run and manage that as well.

The third part, and in some ways the most exciting part, is autofill. So autofill takes existing, unplanned orders and finds the best routes to put those on. It matches those to existing stops, so if you’re already going somewhere it’ll put the orders that you’ve got to deliver or collect onto those routes. It will also do nearby’s, so if you’re going nearby somewhere or en route, and add those to the right routes, and it’ll do that across many routes in one step, really quite exciting.

It’s a really interesting phase for us in our development, and there’s going to be more coming along in this area including planning to timed slots, which is under development as we speak.

So that’s my update for this week, thank you very much for watching. Bye!

Paul Rufus #StreamTeam update | 20 July 2019 | Vehicle & asset register and inspection templates


Hello & welcome to this weeks’ Stream update.

I just wanted to let you know about some resources that we’ve just added to the website.

You might find useful for companies that might not be quite ready to go fully digital with their fleet compliance, safety & maintenance management.

So, the link is down here (, but effectively just go to the resources section and to guides.

We’ve added some walkaround check templates for HGVs, vans & PSVs, plus, we’ve added a fleet maintenance schedule template that you can download into Google sheets, and an equipment & vehicle asset register, as well.

Obviously, companies that want to use those templates to get started with their fleet compliance and, when they’re ready, they can hopefully
come back and use Stream Check (

Thanks very much, bye-bye!

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 12 July 2019 | Electric vehicles & Milk runs

Hello! Its Dave Pickburn

I’ve been on holiday for the last week or so, it’s good to be back.

I did a trip from Leeds to London to Cornwall and back again, all on electric.

While we were in London, it was interesting to see the effect the ULEV zone was having & the number of electric taxis that were there, and also hybrids, particularly used by the minicab fleet so good to see that going on.

and then we went on to Cornwall and there were some interesting vehicles in Cornwall – I’m not quite sure how roadworthy some of those will prove to be.

While I’ve been away, we’ve been doing a lot of work on fixed routes, being able to build fixed routes and then being able to add stops to those fixed routes either at locations you’re already going to, or places nearby. Essentially what you might think of as Milk Runs, and just making that really easy & quick to do. We see that as being a really good addition to Stream, and that’s going to be going into beta in the next couple of weeks or so.

So, its good to be back at work. My batteries are recharged, my car’s batteries are recharged, my phone’s batteries are recharged. Everyone’s ready to go and looking forward to getting stuck back into things this week

Paul Rufus #StreamTeam update | 05 July 2019 | Reviews, customer experience & exceptional deliveries

Hello and welcome to a very sunny Cheltenham. I’m Paul Rufus and I’m going to be doing the Stream update for this week.

Now, I’m going to focus on an industry report published by Brightpearl, who are one of Stream’s partners, in conjunction with TrustPilot.

They’ve been looking at the emergence and the importance of reviews within the retail sector.

They’ve noticed that 46% of shoppers check reviews before making an online purchase, and that two-thirds of shoppers are likely to leave
a negative review following a bad experience.

One of the lines within the report from Derek O’Carroll, the CEO of Brightpearl, kind of had a bit of resonance with me, in terms of – and I’ll read it straight from the report here –

“Every customer who leaves feedback is now an influencer, and every potential buyer is ready to be influenced”

It kind of got me thinking about how Stream, and how the delivery experience, actually kind of fits into that overall customer experience.

In some respects, and particularly for pure-play eCommerce providers, the actual person that delivers your product to your door can be the only face-to-face contact between the brand and the consumer.

Making sure that that whole process, not only from how somebody finds the site, navigates, chooses the product, pays for it, and chooses the delivery mechanism, but then how that order is processed afterwards and the experience that consumer has, from the moment they place that order, to actually getting that delivery, is really really important.

Also, kind of tying that in with one of the little fireside chats that was at Drift Hypergrowth between David Cancel & Brian Halligan, who are the respective CEOs of Drift and of Hubspot. One of the things that they were saying is that the best experience (and this is in a very very competitive & flooded market for marcomms technology).

Saying that the best experience in the market is going to win and that the user experience is the last great differentiator in the market.

I think that’s important, tying that back with that report from Brightpearl and with Stream and that delivery experience.

Thanks very much. Bye bye!

Download the report from Brightpearl:
For more on Stream & customer service:
For more on delivery logistics & customer service:
For more on Stream & Brightpearl:

Shahid Latif #StreamTeam update | 28 June 2019 | New features

Hi, my name’s Shahid, I’m the Product Manager here at Stream. As part of that role, I’m involved in a lot of aspects of Stream

In particular, to help drive it forward and ensure that it continues to benefit our customers through innovative new features. Some of those new features I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on:

Pass-only checks

Pass-only checks, which means that you can now, through the Stream Check part of the solution, you can log checks that aren’t necessarily defects, but you may want to record information, such as:
– The tyre tread for each, for on the vehicle
– Taking photos of the fuel gauge
– The condition of the cabin may be important

So you can record that information and log it against the vehicle on a daily check, for example.

Resource schedule

The resource schedule. We’ve taken a view of all your resources,
plotted them on a bit of a chart.

So it gives you a quick visual as to where your drivers and your vehicles are being used, which ones aren’t being used and then you can quite easily make decisions as to who’s available, who you can utilise and which vehicles can be utilised.

You can pop up the postal codes of the runs along the timeline, so you can see who’s in a particular area on a particular day and potentially give that person extra work or an extra job to do if they happen to be nearby.

User & driver maintenance

The user & driver maintenance function, so we’re looking to do a few more improvements in there before we make it available to all of our customers, so that they can maintain their own users and give them access and control as they see fit, really to put the control back into the hands of our customers.

Hopefully, you’ve found this update a bit interesting, and I look forward to giving you another update very soon, but bye for now & thank you for listening.

More info on pass-only checks:

More info on the resource schedule:

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 21 June 2019 | Clean air zones & reducing emissions

Hi, its Dave Pickburn, back for our weekly Stream update

This week I’m going to be talking about clean air zones

Thanks to Pete and to Paul for picking up the slack on the last couple of weeks

It was announced this week the Leeds & Birmingham Clean Air Zones were being postponed from January. Which is kind of disappointing in some ways, but on the other hand, it gives businesses more time to get ready for those.

Whether that is as fleets get renewed, investing in Euro VI vehicles, replacing the old vehicles, or potentially upgrading vehicles, retrofitting so that they become Euro VI-compliant.

It was also Clean Air Day yesterday bringing attention to emissions and to air quality. Anything we can do in the logistics industry to reduce emissions is good, whether that be routing a vehicle sufficiently, to reduce mileage, but its also important that we use the right vehicles in the right places, and that when we’re entering heavily built-up urban areas, and clean-air zones in particular, we’re using the least-polluting vehicles to do that.

The other thing today, of course, is its Bring Your Dog To Work Day. I wasn’t sure whether to or not, so I did a poll on Twitter ( The response was overwhelming of a yes, so here we go!

More info about Clean Air Zones:

About Stream for EVs:

About planning the most efficient routes in Stream:

Pete Samways #StreamTeam update | 14 June 2019

Hi, I’m Pete, I’m the Chief Technical Lead on the Stream Team.

Dave’s out of the office again today, so I’m going to give you a quick update for this week.

I’ve been down at iPower in Milton Keynes this week, which is the UK event for the IBM i developer community. Myself & my colleague Shahid gave a little talk on the Stream App, and the technology & techniques we use to develop that, which went down really well.

Talking about the App (…), one exciting thing we’ve recently added is the ability to add notes & checks, even if there isn’t a defect. This gives drivers a way to prove that the check was completed and that the vehicle is roadworthy and you can also set pass-only checks that allow you to capture information like the fuel level as part of the daily walkaround check.

The other area I’ve been looking at this week is the Stream API ( Now, for those that aren’t familiar with that, this allows you to load orders into Stream and pull status information out. We’re currently in the process of implementing webhooks, which will allow API users to register for status updates, so rather than having to go & get the information themselves, it’ll come to them instead.

That’s it from me for this week, Dave should be back in the hot seat next week with his regular updates so, bye for now

Paul Rufus #StreamTeam update | 07 June 2019

Good afternoon, and welcome to Friday’s Stream Team update.

As you can see, I’m not Dave Pickburn. He’s given me the responsibility, or the honour, of doing today’s update from a very wet, very grey and very miserable Cheltenham.

Dave’s organising the #StreamTeam summer party which hopefully the weather will be a little bit better tomorrow, but welcome to the English summer.

Before I introduce a couple of new bits of functionality that we’re putting into Stream next week, I thought from, purely from a marketing perspective, I’m really looking forward to attending HyperGrowth London with my colleague Zoe Pickburn, which is taking place at The Old Billingsgate in London and this has been organised by Drift, who we’ve been using on our website.

The little live chat widget that pops up and you can see my face for radio when you visit the Stream website. But it’s been a fantastic tool for us, to enable us to talk and have conversations with prospects and other people visiting the website, who just want to find out a little bit more about Stream and how it can help their business.

I am a huge fan, which gives me – or produces – quite a lot of ribbing within the Stream Team. But anyway…

In terms of new bits of functionality on Stream:

We’ve got a new resource schedule that’s going live next week, and that’s within Stream Go, which gives a visual, calendar-based overview of driver & vehicle availability within operations, just to make sure that businesses can manage their resource allocation and utilisation
a little bit more effectively.

Also, we’re putting in a little bit of extra features & functionality at line-item level, enabling companies to add notes & instructions there.

That’s it from me, hopefully, Dave won’t mind me doing another
Friday update at a later date, but I’m sure Dave’ll be back next week.

Thanks very much – bye bye!

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 31 May 2019

Hi! Its Dave Pickburn, Friday afternoon and its been a busy week as usual.

This week, I’m quite happy on a Friday afternoon. We invest a lot in research & development and invest into the Stream product. We’ve been doing our R&D claim, but it’s hard work to do, so I’m glad that’s out of the way.

Also came to my notice this week that there are some new regulations come in, around light goods vehicles and particularly battery-powered, electric light goods vehicles. They’re bringing in new rules that you can, to compensate for the extra weight of the batteries, you can now drive up to 4.25-tonne vehicles with a standard licence.

That’s it from me! Have a good weekend.

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 24 May 2019

Hi! Its Dave from Go2Stream & Proximity, just a quick update on my week:

I’ve been in London with a big prospect with Teletrac Navman.

We’ve got a big customer going live next week with Stream, so lots to do there.

We’ve got our new server going in over the weekend, into the Manchester data centre, with Optimus.

Just wanted to make people aware as well, that we’ve implemented a new free checklist, that you can download from our website and print out and use for your drivers’ daily checks.

It helps with safety and maximises the in-service time for your fleet. The ideal tool, of course, is an app and we have that with Stream Check – just get in touch if you want to know more about that.

It’s nice and sunny here, hope it stays that way. Have a fantastic bank holiday weekend!

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 17 May 2019

Hi! Welcome to this weeks’ Stream update.

I’m Dave and this is coming to you from outside our offices in Leeds, its a nice day today.

We’ve had a couple of new sign-ups this week, including quite a big new customer for us.

One of our new corporate customers is also putting us through our paces on our scanning functionality. We’ve made a few changes, and its going pretty well so far. All this barcoding piece will be in the Stream product for the Stream community.

I met a previous colleague from The Netherlands this week, had a couple of beers, and I’m hoping we’ll work together in the future.

This week’s also mental health (awareness) week. We’ve got a blog post on the website and I’ll put the link under this video as well. It’s trying to raise awareness, and a few tips for operators as well.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend!

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | 10 May 2019

Hi! It’s Dave Pickburn on Friday afternoon

Its been a busy week – its a short one because of the bank holiday Monday and busy, mainly because of the CV Show.

Also, we’re doing integration work with CoPilot, for HGV routing on Android phones – so avoiding low bridges and the like.

We’re working with Teletrac Navman and the integration with that.

Plus lots of barcode scanning, and just a busy week, lots going into production next week.

Have a good weekend!

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | CV Show 2019

Hi! I’m here at the CV Show at the NEC on stand 4D72, along with lots of my colleagues.

We’ve had a good first day, and hopefully another good couple of days.

Looking forward to the [Leeds Digital Festival] Tech4Good award tonight – I’m not going but Pete & Rob will be there, so fingers crossed.

Dave Pickburn #StreamTeam update | April 2019

Hi, its Dave Pickburn with a quick update:

We’ve got lots of things coming up, including the CV show at the end of April, we’ve got 3 days down there.

We’ve been testing loads of new functionality around scanning.

Our new integration is with Teletrac Navman, we’re just doing a partnership with them. We think adding the two together – Stream and Teletrac Navman – we can come up with some really good results.

And lastly, we’ve been entered – or rather, shortlisted – for the tech4good award in the Leeds Digital Festival. Fingers crossed for that.



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