Using Order Search

Searching orders in Stream Go is easy.

You can view and quickly find any orders in the order list. View the delivery date and status directly in the order list. In the order list you’ll also see:

  • Customer name
  • Reference number
  • Partner (if applicable)
  • Order number
  • Order date
  • Last event

Use the order search button to search for any order. The order search popup allows you to use any combination of search criteria to find an order quickly and easily. Search criteria include:

  • Customer
  • Postcode
  • Order date from/to
  • Customer reference number
  • Order number
  • Delivery date from/to
  • Partner
  • Delivery status
  • Stock status

From the search results, you can find the order you want and click to view more information about the order. You can download and print the order summary as a pdf too.

In the order search popup, you can also select a range of delivery or order dates to find all matching orders – for example, to find all orders made in a specific week or all orders delivered in a specific month. You can then extract those search results into excel as a report.