Why integrate Stream with Xero?

Logistics planning, order management and accounting

Stream and Xero

Xero and Stream bring together:

  • Logistics planning
  • Order management
  • Accounting


Xero is an intuitive online accounting platform. With Xero you can:

  • View accounting information in real-time
  • Automate business accounting tasks
  • Cut manual data entry


Stream is logistics, delivery and transport management software. With Stream Go you can:

  • Automatically plan and optimise routes
  • Capture proof-of-delivery with the driver app
  • Improve customer service with texts and emails

Stream and Xero

With the Stream and Xero integration you can:

  • Create orders in Stream straight from Xero, ready for route planning
  • Send proof of delivery to customers by email
  • Automatically send information about charges from Stream to Xero

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Xero is an intuitive online accounting software platform. View real-time cash flow information and automate business accounting tasks. Cut time-consuming admin and manual data entry. You can also automate invoice creation in Xero, based on order details in Stream Go, or automate order creation in Stream Go, based on invoice details in Xero.

Like Stream, Xero is a cloud-based platform. It scales with your business and you can access your data wherever and whenever you need it. Xero works for businesses from large corporations to small and medium-sized independents. Businesses selling everything from popcorn to plumbing services manage their accounts in Xero.