Why integrate Stream with Xero?

Logistics planning, order management and accounting

Stream and Xero

Xero and Stream bring together:

  • Logistics planning
  • Order management
  • Accounting


Xero is an intuitive online accounting platform. With Xero you can:

  • View accounting information in real-time
  • Automate business accounting tasks
  • Cut manual data entry


Stream is logistics, delivery and transport management software. With Stream Go you can:

  • Automatically plan and optimise routes
  • Capture proof-of-delivery with the driver app
  • Improve customer service with texts and emails

Stream and Xero

With the Stream and Xero integration you can:

  • Create orders in Stream straight from Xero, ready for route planning
  • Send proof of delivery to customers by email
  • Automatically send information about charges from Stream to Xero

Contact hello@go2stream.com for more information.

Invoicing with Stream & Xero

Generate invoices in Xero using information from Stream Go


For any of the orders in Stream, if I go into this top one for example, you can apply costs and charges to it in the financial section, down the bottom here. So for this one here I’ve applied this charge to the customer of £100 on this particular order.

Then if I go into the order search page here, I can select any of the orders I want. I can select multiple if I want to invoice many orders at once, but in this case I can just pick the top order there. Then in the actions menu up here, I can choose ‘invoice’ and if you’ve got it set up to send to Xero it will create an invoice request like it’s done for this order here.

Then it will process that and then send this order through to Xero, and apply the charge to the correct customer.

Some things to just point out about that:

  • On the order, you can decide in here who you want to apply the charge to. So in the financial section down here, when I created this charge I applied it to the customer. If I want, I can apply a business partner to this order and assign the charge to them instead. In this case, because I charge the consumer on the order, it’s going to charge the actual person who received these goods – this ‘iFix’ customer I’ve created here. But if I wanted, I could charge this instead to a partner I was working with to deliver the order. The invoice would then instead be created in their name.
  • Invoices are only based on charges as well, they’re not based on costs and they’re not based on individual item lines. It’s based just on the charges that are applied to each order

After that’s processed, that means that the order will be sent through and will appear in your Xero account, once it’s been linked to Stream.

Here’s that top order that’s just arrived in Xero and you’ll see the reference number there, that matches the same order number that was created in Xero. You can see how there are actually links between the two.

If I go into this invoice now, you’ll see it’s been created as a draft invoice. So it’s applied the charges and description and the price has all come across from Stream, and the same with address and things like that, that will all appear in Xero. All the address details have appeared on the order, in this case, it’s just a demo company I’m using in Xero.

This is how it would appear, once your account is linked to Stream.

Contact support@go2stream.com for more information.

Generating orders with Stream & Xero

Generate orders in Stream Go using information from Xero


Here, you can see Xero invoices that are approved and fully paid are brought through into Stream.

This is a list of invoices that have not been fully paid yet. I’m going to use the top one as an example.

In here, you have a delivery address, an order date, a due date, an invoice number, and a reference. We also have the items on the invoice, the item codes, description, quantity, and the amount.

As it stands, this invoice has not been fully paid yet, so I’m going to set that now

So, that order has now been set as fully paid. I’m going to switch over to Stream.

Here we have a list of orders ready to be confirmed. This top one is the order that I created just moments ago.

In here we have our items, we have the delivery address, and it’s not confirmed. I’m going to confirm it now so that it’s ready for planning.

Now I’m switched over to advanced planning and I can see our order here, ready to be planned.

Contact support@go2stream.com for more information.


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Xero is an intuitive online accounting software platform. View real-time cash flow information and automate business accounting tasks. Cut time-consuming admin and manual data entry. You can also automate invoice creation in Xero, based on order details in Stream Go, or automate order creation in Stream Go, based on invoice details in Xero.

Like Stream, Xero is a cloud-based platform. It scales with your business and you can access your data wherever and whenever you need it. Xero works for businesses from large corporations to small and medium-sized independents. Businesses selling everything from popcorn to plumbing services manage their accounts in Xero.