Our product release for July 2021 includes a major new feature to enable the planning of up to three assets in Stream, for example a tractor and trailer unit, and / or a loader crane.

We’ve also released a new integration for Unleashed, a leading inventory management software application aimed at manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. 


Tractor & trailer route planning

It’s now easier than ever for businesses operating tractor and trailer units or additional assets, linked to a vehicle (such as a Moffett or Loader crane) when planning in Stream.

You’ll now be able to assign up to three assets to any particular run.

You can also ensure that different walkaround checks can be assigned to each of those assets as required.

As well as assigning the vehicles to the run in Advanced Planning, Stream takes into account the combined capacity of all the assets selected.

So if you’ve got two trailers attached to one tractor unit, the combined capacity of those two trailers will be accounted for.

When the driver goes onto the app, each of the vehicles will be listed on the run. The app will let you do checks on each of those assigned vehicles and enforce checks based on settings.

Other route planning updates

  • New Route Manifest document available to print from planning
  • Improvements to memory usage for ‘Autoplan’ delivery and collection routes.


New integration: Unleashed

Unleashed is a cloud-based inventory management tool that enables businesses to accurately manage their inventory in real-time.

When combined with Stream, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors will be able to gain complete control of their products real-time visibility across suppliers, production, inventory, customers and, of course, their logistics operation.

The integration will enable you to push information about your orders and shipments out of Unleashed and into Stream so you can plan your deliveries (and collections) – and then reflect proof of delivery information back in Unleashed after the goods have been delivered.


Stream Mobile app

These changes will be reflected in the latest version available to download from the Google Play store.

  • Allow multiple vehicle/asset resources to be assigned to runs
  • Drivers can now be forced to take photos in the app 
  • Allow an alternative map app other than Google maps
  • Added the ability to edit container name and type after creation plus show route info 
  • Enforce supervisor authority to complete scanning on a run (optional setting)
  • Show PUK (package ID) in the barcode scan screen.

Mobile app updates

  • Unable to mark ‘Scan not Required’ item as Delivered OK
  • ‘Scan by Order’ history not updating corrected for online depot scanning
  • Container build & break issue updates
  • iOS App version update.


Stream API updates

  • Resolved location references being overwritten via the Stream API
  • Validation has been improved when creating new webhook subscriptions.


Order management & search

  • To aid quicker searching of Orders, as standard the filter in Order Search will only look for orders up to 3 months old. If you want to search for older orders then the Order Date (From) in the Order Search filter can be cleared. 

Order management updates

  • Order saving corrected for customer-specific validation.



  • Added ‘Route Info’ column to the existing Charges Export report
  • Omit consolidated items from the new Route Manifest print by default
  • Vehicle checks export report now shows ‘Start time’, ‘End date’ and ‘End Time’


Other updates, fixes and improvements to Stream

  • Reduction in the number of query requests
  • Improve logging performance
  • Improvements to the performance of the ‘Charges Export’ report
  • Reduced email latency
  • Improved the handling of SMS text message queued response
  • Additional licence option available in user driving licence configuration
  • Addition to existing Brightpearl integration: the ability to handle missing product mappings during the order creation process.