What you can expect from our September 2022 release in Stream

Release Date: Friday 23rd September 2022

We’ve added the ability to exclude orders in planning which have no ‘Required Date’ set, an all-new export option from the Order Monitor screen and a number of improvements to the API for integrations.

Here’s everything you can expect this month, when Stream’s September release lands:

Runs & Planning

Exclude Orders with No ‘Required Date’ in Unplanned list


We’ve now added the ability for you to exclude orders which have no ‘Required Date’ in the unplanned list of the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen so that you can focus your attention on orders which do have required dates and may be considered more urgent.

Changing Resources on a Completed Run Warning


We’ve added a warning which appears when trying to change the resource on a completed run.

Users & Drivers

Prevent Removal of Own ‘Users & Drivers’ Menu Item


We have made it so users who have access to the ‘Users & Drivers’ option in the main menu, can no longer accidentally remove their own access to this page in Custom Settings, as it prevents the user from being unable to reinstate their own access.

Admin users can still choose which other users are able to access the Users & Drivers screen in the main menu.


Order Monitor Export


We’ve added an ‘Export’ button on the ‘Order Monitor’ screen based on the filters selected.

This can, for example, be used to show deliveries that have failed on a particular day. To see this information, select Search > choose a planned date then select Status – Delivery failed > Activate Search > Export.

Driver Debrief Report


We’ve made some improvements to the Driver Debrief Report.


Driver Notes via Solutions API


We’ve made improvements to include driver notes in Solutions API Allocations.

Item Collection/Delivery Status in the Public API


We’ve added the item collection/delivery status to ‘Order GET’ in the Public API

Unleashed: Updates for Partner Orders


We’ve added an option to send updates to Unleashed for partner account orders.


Update Vehicle Analytics Table in Stream Analytics


We’ve improved Stream Analytics to update the Vehicle Analytics Table when the driver details are changed in Stream. 

General Updates and Fixes


  • Continued security and performance enhancements
  • Add new fields to Location popup for specific interface
  • Resolved occasional issue with duplicate profiles preventing login
  • Resolve issue with events for Logistics consolidated stops in the Stream mobile app
  • We’ve resolved an issue with item notes appearing on the Route Manifest Report
  • We’ve fixed issues that were occurring when updating driver notes via Public API

Need help using Stream?

Visit the Stream Knowledge base and search for answers to the questions you have, and view our how-to guides, for additional help and support using Stream.