Updates in the November 2021 Stream release include:

Vehicle tracking

  • Clickable vehicles added to the Vehicle monitor: from within the vehicle progress monitor, you are now able to click on a vehicle within the page, which will take you directly to the run that vehicle is performing.

Order management

  • New batch invoicing option from ‘Order Search’ for Logistics profile accounts
  • Fix intermittent issues with date fields in xlsx file uploads
  • Add Route Info to the search filter in Order Search and include it in the Order List report
  • Add Update action in Order Search to update required date and time for multiple orders at once.

API integration

  • Update of on site time via the Solutions API
  • Add weight adjustment process to Solutions API.

Mobile app

  • Turn HGV specific routing app integration
  • Attach documents relating to a location: you can now add attached documents against individual locations within Stream, with a public link to a document. This could be useful, for example, to give drivers access to any documentation they may need to show when they arrive to make a delivery/collection.

Reporting & monitoring

  • Add a new option to the label to include the Route Info field

General updates, fixes & security improvements

  • Initial changes to mobile app for drivers and web application to allow language overrides in Stream Check
  • Add a new option to Settings to hide the delete open runs button in Advanced Planning
  • Add a new option to Settings to change the picklist type
  • Add a new option to Settings to change the label type
  • Add a new option to Settings to enable emailing from Order Search
  • Add a new option to Settings to enable on hand date defaulting
  • Add a new option in Settings to enable partner order creation
  • Add an option to change the email sender name for password reset emails.