Release Notes

May 2023

New features and improvements coming your way for Planning, Orders, the Mobile App and Vehicles in the May 2023 release.

Release Date

Wednesday 24th May 2023
In this release:


Show Full Planned Stop Description 4082

Updated the tooltip to show the full planned stop description when hovering over the information icon next to the Order Number on an order in the ‘Selected Run’ section of the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen.


Clicking Order in Search Bar Goes to Order Details 3598

Added an option so that when clicking an order in the header ‘Search’ bar, it will direct you to the ‘Order Details’ screen, as opposed to the ‘Tracking’ screen. This setting can be found on the ‘Orders’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen.


Capture More Vehicle Information (Saturday 20th May Release) 4125 4165 4167

We’ve added new tabs and fields to the ‘Vehicle Details’ popup, as shown in the screenshots below. These fields have also been added to the ‘Vehicles’ export and the ‘Vehicles Table’ in Stream Analytics.

Some of these new fields will only become available for use once the new tabs are added to the ‘Vehicle Details’ popup in the second part of the release on Wednesday 24th May.

Rename Vehicle Types Management Screen 4047

We’ve changed the name of the ‘Vehicle Types Management’ screen to a more simple ‘Vehicle Types’. This change has also been reflected in the main menu in Stream.

Public API

New API service for logging ‘Scanning Events’ (Saturday 20th May Release) 3685

Creates scanning events in Stream against items or runs based on the results of scanning that has been performed in another system, for example a Warehouse Management System (WMS). This gives visibility in Stream of what scans have been performed outside of Stream, as well as when and by who.

Business Partners

Add Business Partner Logos 3901

We’ve added an option to upload a logo for each partner on the ‘Business Partner’ screen, which will be displayed on the tracking screen for all orders from the relevant partner.


  • Added a ‘Show Password’ toggle to the Login screen 3815
  • Add options to make certain fields on the ‘Vehicle Details’ screen mandatory, which can be turned on or off on the ‘Vehicles’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen 4163
  • Add new field to the ‘Products’ file 3310
  • Allow negative values in Vehicle Fixed Cost 4115
  • Add an option to limit the ability to add/edit vehicles for certain users 4164
  • Improve the performance of ‘Link Ref’ processing in the Unplanned section of the Advanced Planning screen 3981
  • Create additional events when certain order details are changed/updated 3684
  • Restrict visibility of vehicles on the map in Advanced Planning based on ‘Depot’ dropdown selection 4084
  • Added an option to see ‘Services’ on tooltip popups on the Advanced Planning screen 3771
  • Added option to show the Driver’s Name on the Order Summary (Proof Of Delivery) print export, which can be turned on or off on the ‘Documents & Reporting’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen 4010
  • Added an option to show dates in a different format in on the Tracking screen, which can be altered on the ‘Tracking’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen 3996
  • Increase images timeout on the mobile app 4259
  • Added a new setting for partner orders in the standard booking variant 4045


  • No additional security updates


  • Change the ‘Run Items’ export to show dates and times column as blank when these fields are not filled in Stream 4104
  • Improve internal logging for FTP (Saturday 20th May Release) 4147
  • Order upload FTP processing improvements (Saturday 20th May Release) 3470,3783,3909
  • Resolve occasional issue with item split process (Saturday 20th May Release) 4159
  • Resolved an occasional issue with time-based columns on the ‘Run Items’ export 4029
  • Resolve an occasional issue with ‘Item Notes’ in the ‘item replace’ process 3423
  • Improve vehicle initial mileage retrieval in the analytics extract 4049
  • Resolve issue with defaulting email reminder on booking when editing shell booking in Vehicle Types 4099
  • Resolve occasional issue with Depot creation when specific setting enabled 4097
  • Resolve an occasional issue with the ‘Live Date’ calculation in Order Group PATCH service in the Public API 4088
  • Improve the validation of US & Canadian mobile phone numbers 3871
  • Improve validation for the ‘SMS From’ mobile number field on the ‘General’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen 3854
  • Improve validation on Vehicle Types 3976
  • Resolve issues caused when trying to access the ‘Tracking’ screen for a deleted order 3911
  • Improve performance of the ‘Service Level’ retrieval process 4132
  • Resolve an issue with the resource option defaulting in the ‘Schedule’ popup window on the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen 3885
  • Resolve an issue with the ‘Show Postcodes’ checkbox after reopening ‘Schedule’ popup 3775
In this release:

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