A new year – and a new release.

Our first Stream release of 2022 delivers improvements to Stream’s route optimisation & planning module, various updates to existing integrations and connectors with Stream, plus a number of new options and settings added to vehicle, order and depot management.

Read on to learn more.

Route optimisation & planning

  • Changed the default for the Autofill ‘Add Nearby Stops’ option to off
  • Total deliveries when calculating weights on route tooltip
  • Rename ‘None’ to ‘No Max’ in Autofill maximum duration dropdown

Depot management

  • Provided a screen to maintain Stream depots, methods and stock locations.

Vehicle management

  • An option to sequence list by vehicle name in ‘Vehicle Details’ module has been added


  • Message based info in the ‘Delivery List’ report have been added.


  • Allow Unleashed Sales Orders to trigger the creation of Stream orders rather than shipments

General updates & fixes

  • Resolve issue when scanning recently added items, in the mobile app
  • Resolve issue with online depot scanning progress updates, in the mobile app
  • Logging in locations popup has been reduced
  • Added a documents description in Settings.
  • Check that an order is linked in Unleashed when processing
  • Resolve some orders not created from Xero
  • Issue with events section refresh handling has been resolved
  • Resolve issue with displaying long user IDs in ‘Check By’ column (vehicle management)
  • Resolve issue with totals on job list report
  • Include comma separator for large weights and cubes.