What you can expect from our January 2023 release in Stream

Release Date: Wednesday 18th January 2023

New features, improvements and fixes. Here’s everything you can expect this month, when Stream’s January release lands:


View Run Events in Advanced Planning


We’ve added the ability view Events on individual runs from the Advanced Planning screen in Stream. This allows you to see the following Events on each run:

  • Run Departed/Completed times
  • Barcode scans
  • Delivery status updates
  • Delivery photos, notes & customer signatures captured
  • Date/Time and Location stamps for each event

To view run events, select the run from the ‘Runs’ list on the Advanced Planning screen and then in the ‘Selected Run’ section click ‘Actions’ and then ‘Events’, which will open up a window with all of the event details for that particular run.

Max Weight/Capacity Warning


We’ve added a warning which displays when trying to close a run if the Weight/Capacity of the run exceeds the Max Weight/Capacity of the assigned vehicle.


Customise tooltips displayed on the Advanced Planning screen


We’ve added the ability for you to customise the tooltips you want to see in both the ‘Unplanned’ and ‘Selected Run’ sections of the advanced planning screen. Tooltips are the little icons, which when hovered display more information about the individual order you are hovering on.

You’ll find the customisable tooltips in the ‘Planning’ tab of the ‘Settings’ screen in Stream, where you can customise your tooltips using the drop down menus.


Additional Fields added to the Run Items report


We’ve added new fields/columns into the Run Items report which will be visible when this particular report is exported from Stream. The new fields include:

  • Collected
  • Collected Date
  • Collected Time
  • Delivered
  • Delivered Date
  • Delivered Time
  • Completed

General Updates & Fixes

  • Improved the ‘Method’ defaulting in the Unplanned section of the Advanced Planning screen after a user changes the selected depot
  • Resolve minor visual issue in the Vehicle Booking popup window
  • Add new field and additional definition fields to Driver Details popup for specific interface
  • Add additional fields to the solutions API
  • Fixed minor issue with assembly time not being added to the ‘On-Site’ time for Collections in the Stream Analytics add-on
  • Improved the validation of the ‘Pallet Capacity’ field on the Vehicle Types Management screen
  • Improvements to the new function which allows editing of email & SMS message content
  • Add new logging related Settings to admin only tab
  • Only allow certain users to remove the ‘Hold’ status from a Business Partner
  • Add new customer-specific sort option to the Joblist report
  • Resolved issues with consolidated items on Driver Debrief report
  • Added an option to disable Optimise button for certain users on the Advanced Planning screen
  • Resolve occasional issue with ‘Assembly Time’ in Solutions API
  • Add ‘Customer Reference’ to a customer-specific ‘Delivery Note’

Need help using Stream?

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