What you can expect from our February 2023 release in Stream

Release Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2023

New features, improvements and fixes. Here’s everything you can expect this month, when Stream’s January release lands:

All items listed below are subject to release approval. The content of this page may change in the days prior to the official release date.


Add Customer Reference Column to the Unplanned Orders List


We’ve added a ‘Customer Reference’ column to the ‘Unplanned Orders’ list on the Advanced Planning screen to improve the user experience, as this column was already present in the ‘Selected Run’ section.

Filter by Depot on the Resource Schedule


On the ‘Resource Schedule’ popup window from the Advanced Planning screen, we’ve added the ability to filter the schedule by ‘Depot’, for better visibility when planning for businesses using multiple depots.

Order Removal Warning on ‘In Progress’ Run


We’ve added a pop up warning message that will alert you when trying to remove an order from any run which is ‘in progress’.


‘Stock Location’ added to the ‘Run Items’ export


We’ve added the ‘Stock Location’ to be displayed as a column when exporting the ‘Run Items’ report.


Add Multiple Vehicles to a Run


We’ve added a new option which can be turned on from the ‘Planning’ tab on the Settings screen, which will allow you to add multiple vehicles to a single run. 

The ability to add multiple vehicles to a run allows for easier planning for businesses who may be using a standard vehicle with a trailer attached to it for additional capacity, for example. 
If you would like access to this feature and are unable to access the Settings screen in your Stream account, please contact support@go2stream.com.

General Updates & Fixes

  • Enforce uppercase text entry for the ‘Registration’ field in ‘Vehicle Details’
  • Extended the character limit for the ‘Stop Description’ in the ‘Planned Stops’ section on the Advanced Planning screen
  • Accept additional time increments for the ‘Required Time’ field on the Order Details screen in the Logistics variant of Stream
  • Improve ‘Address Lat/Long update’ logic on group patch in the Public API
  • Performance improvements to planning when retrieving events
  • Resolved an occasional issue with the map icon generation
  • Improvements to the ‘Account Prefix’ generation
  • Resolved an occasional issue with ‘Consolidate’ action in the Unplanned section on the Advanced Planning screen
  • Resolved an issue with the map icon appearing below the ‘Unplanned’ section on the Advanced Planning screen’
  • Resolved an issue with how the ‘Driver ID’ was being displayed on labels
  • Resolved an issue with parent item quantity being set to 0 when changing item code
  • Resolved an issue with the ‘Customer/Address Location’ field in the ‘Drops’ table in the Stream Analytics add-on
  • Resolved an occasional issue with certain characters in the message field
  • Resolved an occasional issue with the ‘Check Duration’ in the Check History section on the Vehicle Details screen
  • Resolved an issue with defect information fields not appearing when editing a check on the Vehicle Types Management screen

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