Veeqo Integration with Stream to Complete the Order-to-Delivery Management Cycle

Stream is a multi award-winning logistics and transport management solution, managing the process all the way through the delivery planning stage right until it reaches the customer. Stream includes map-based delivery route optimisation, vehicle load planning, proactive customer notifications, plus electronic proof of delivery and proof of collection. But how can you manage your inventory and orders pre-delivery?

That’s where Veeqo comes in.

Veeqo manages your inventory, orders and shipping, allowing you to keep your inventory updated across multiple retail channels, including your bricks-and-mortar stores; online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay; manual order entry or updating via desktop or mobile app – whenever and wherever you need to. Veeqo ensures all your sales and retail channels have up-to-the-minute stock accuracy, eliminating the risk of over-ordering, ensuring all orders can be fulfilled quickly and keeping customers happy.

Veeqo Integration CTA

An omnichannel retail platform, Veeqo provides:

  • Multichannel inventory
  • Order management
  • Picking & packing
  • Shipping.

If you manage your own delivery vehicles; provide assembly and fitting; or have longer lead times from order to delivery and need to notify customers of progress, then you will benefit from the Veeqo integration with Stream.

Keep your inventory in order

Veeqo consolidates your inventory across all your retail channels, enabling you to edit stock levels and see instant inventory updates and remove the worry of overselling.

Powerful reporting

As well as real-time delivery reporting in Stream, Veeqo allows you to report on key stats for your retail channels and orders including sales; profit and returns; order breakdown; and locations.

Speed up your orders

Process orders quickly, by viewing key information for all orders, for every channel, in one place.

Control inventory on-the-go

Veeqo’s mobile app means that you can update inventory from anywhere with an internet connection – allowing you to keep your stock absolutely up-to-date and avoid disappointed customers.

Manage your own order fulfilment

The Veeqo integration with Stream enables you to manage your own deliveries, vehicles and orders more efficiently and effectively.

Improve customer information

Veeqo allows you to quickly and easily filter, tag, search and create new orders, speeding up customer service queries and empowering customer service staff with instant access to all the information they need.