Pete Samways #StreamTeam Update | 30 October 2019 | Using Docker for integrations

Okay, so I’m Pete, I’m the chief technical architect at Stream and I’m going to be talking a little bit today about Docker.

What is Docker?

Its a way of packaging up applications into containers, that allow you to deploy them easily, and create multiple instances if you need to it also allows you to scale applications, so if you need to increase the capacity of your application this can be easily done by starting up multiple containers.

How we use Docker

Docker isn’t available on IBM i at the moment but you can use it for example in cloud instances, so AWS or Google Cloud we’re looking at it as an approach to building APIs to allow systems to interact with each other so that could be Stream, that could be your legacy systems running on IBM i.

Is Docker relevant to Stream?

It gives us another option for how we build the integrations that we’re going to build for our customers and when we’ve built one container we can use the same techniques to build another one to meet another customer’s needs.

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